Timeless Necklaces To Treasure

When it comes to jewellery, every piece tells the story of the woman adorns it. At Tanishq, we believe that every woman is worth celebrating and that is precisely why we strive to create jewellery that is unique, elegant and truly spectacular!

As a testament to this notion here are 4 timeless necklaces from Tanishq that you need to own and the story behind their craftsmanship.

 Crafted using Ras Rawa work and brought to life through its delicate coloured stones, this pendant set from Utsava is an exemplary piece to be owned. Be it a wedding ceremony or a festive celebration this gold pendant is the perfect amalgam of heritage and modernity; further making it a jewel that is truly a keepsake.

An elegant piece, that is crafted using rose gold, white gold and different cuts of diamonds, this choker from Swayahm is a symbol of contemporary elegance. Perfect for both ethnic and modern ensembles, what makes this piece a must-have is the fact that it brilliantly captures a bystander’s gaze with its beauty. 

Pendant crafted to perfection, this pendant from Preen brings together the brilliance of diamonds with the beauty of coloured stones. The reason we’ve included this piece on our list, is because its design showcases a peacock’s glorious fan, while its gems capture a brilliance that transcends time itself. Making this Gold & Diamond pendant set perfect for the bold woman of style.

 Designed to mirror the beauty of nature, this necklace brings together the beauty of diamond and the elegance of yellow gold. With a gorgeous tree-shaped pendant at its heart, this necklace is a timeless must-have.

There you have it. While every piece we craft for you, our beloved customers, is truly beautiful, these are masterpieces that are worth indulging in. Be it big or small, bold or subtle, each of these pieces are sure to complete your jewellery collection with ease and exemplary beauty.

Buy Gold & Diamond Mangalsutra at Tanishq

A symbol of the sacred bond forged during the wedding, the mangalsutra has found its place amongst Indian brides. With it being one of the most essential elements of the bridal trousseau for several Indian cultures, there comes the need for crafting designs which are unique, mesmerising and truly timeless!

 Which is precisely why we, at Tanishq, create Mangalsutras that cater to every woman, reflect most Indian cultures and are sure to be eternal emblems of your love.

 Here are some designs that are a testament to this.

 1 -Encrusted in Diamonds

Diamonds come together, creating a magnificent centre-piece that is held in place by strings of black beads. Making this Diamond mangalsutra perfect for the sublime woman who is looking for a little bit of decadence in her everyday look.

2 – Glistening in Gold

A perfect pick for the South Indian bride, this gold mangalsutra not only symbolises prosperity but also comes with the Tanishq promise of purity.

Intricately crafted gold forms beautiful floral motifs, this piece mirrors the delicate beauty of the woman who adorns it while acting as a symbol of her heritage.


3 – Brought Alive with Colour

It is rendered more striking with the dash of red that effortlessly rests at the core of this mangalsutra, thus making it a piece that is truly one of a kind!  An ideal pick for the Indian bride who is a traditionalist at heart, this piece will forever be a blooming reminder of matrimonial bliss.


 4 – A Contemporary Marvel

Gold and diamonds come together to form a beautiful duet that is a reflection of the union of two souls. What’s more, this piece comes with the absolute promise of transparency, a virtue that we believe is true to every relationship.  As for the woman who wears this mangalsutra, she is a contemporary being who embodies modernity, every day.

At Tanishq, we believe in giving every woman a mangalsutra that she can treasure forever. It is with this sentiment at heart, that our range is vast, breathtaking and truly unique.

To find the mangalsutra of your dreams log onto or visit your nearest Tanishq Online Jewelry Store.

Start with a bracelet: Men’s Guide to Accessorizing

In the golden era of gold, men used to wear more of it than women. As humanity moved on, there was a role-reversal. While women embraced jewellery, men actively stayed away from it. But just like before, that too, is slowly changing. Now, a lot of men are donning jewellery with class and panache!

But, if you are a man – or know a man – who is still on the fence about it, we’ve found the gateway jewellery for men and no, it’s not watched, it’s bracelets!

Why bracelets?

They are subtle enough to blend in with your outfit seamlessly. But not too subtle to not grab a few eyeballs and bring some compliments your way. And with Aveer’s collection of men’s bracelets, you get to experiment with designs inspired by speed, movement, and luxury automobile that seamlessly fit in with your lifestyle and interests as well.

Since this is all about baby steps, here are just three bracelets for you to start with:


No matter the occasion, this 18kt studded, yellow and white gold, high polish finish gold bracelet, inspired by a race car Grille, makes for a sophisticated style statement.


This 18kt studded, Yellow Gold, Satin Matt finish bracelet is inspired by the design of the directional markers at a race track. Ideal for the fast-paced modern man, this piece is crafted with amazing flexibility achieved through careful linking.


This 18kt yellow and white gold bracelet with a combination of Satin Matt finish and high polish is made for the love of the track!

Once you get comfortable with wearing Diamond bracelets, you can start exploring more men’s jewellery. Maybe a chain, finger rings (yes, plural), or even a pendant. But for now, start with an elegant men’s bracelet from Aveer.