Nath: Connecting The Modern Bride With Her Rich Heritage

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Through generations, Nath has held its place as one of the most important elements in every Indian bridal trousseau. Across its long history of adorning brides from all over the country, the Nath has been a torchbearer in helping the bride of today connect with the rich past of her heritage and legacy.

An age-old tradition in jewellery that’s stood the test of time, the Nath is as versatile as it is unique, and occupies a place in every bridal jewellery set as a favoured adornment of the modern bride.

Considered to the most playful among all bridal jewellery, the Nath has captured the imagination of poets for centuries, entrancing brides & occupying a special place in their hearts for its unique, understated charm.

A symbol of the divine feminine, the Nath is always worn on the left side to represent the ‘ardh-naari’. This quintessential part of every Indian bride’s wedding jewellery finds many mentions as ‘Nasamaukthika’, ‘Nasamani’ and ‘Nasika Bhooshani’ across ancient scriptures, murals and poems, where we see the prevalence of the Nath as a jewellery adored by women and worn often.

Stylists and fashion experts across the country are all praises for this ornament. While they may be small in size, Naths can unilaterally tie a bridal look together, and can be considered as statement pieces of jewellery. Naths’ versatility also sets it apart.  They can be paired with most traditional bridal outfits, including a lehenga and sari. In fact, pairing your nath with your maang tikka can complete your bridal look, like nothing else can.

Naths can be of different types, basis their design or the region they’re from. Let’s explore some, so you can get just the right nath for your big day:

Different Regions, Different Designs

Nath Types by Region:

Marwari Nath

In the traditions of Marwar, the Nath is often a symbol of the prosperity of the bride’s family. The bigger the Nath, the more affluent the family. But beyond these worldly symbols, the Nath also represents a rite of passage, a girl crossing the threshold into womanhood.

As time passed, Marwari brides started to opt for more ornate Naths. To make sure these statement pieces of jewellery stay in place, the chain was invented. Later, the chain emerged as an inspiration for craftsmen who began to add minute details to it, making the entire ornament more befitting of brides.

Marathi Nath

In Marathi poems, the Nath is used a metaphor to describe the marital harmony between husband and wife, often used as a motif in old tales to represent a spiritual & intimate connection between couples. No wonder, it’s such a pivotal piece of jewellery for the Maratha women.

From the traditional Karwari nath to the royal Brahmani nath, there’s a wide variety of Marathi naths for a bride to choose from.

Remarkable Designs for Remarkable Brides

Nath Types by Design:

Shikarpuri Style Nath

This nath has a hoop which is available in different sizes and is pinned to the hair with an embellished chain, which often has a pattern similar to the hoop. Extremely popular amongst the brides in Punjab, these elegant naths go really well with gold or any kind of Kundan jewellery set.

Laung Style Nath

If the bride prefers wearing a nose-ring or a stud, instead of wearing something heavy on the wedding, Laung comes to her rescue. These also come in different sizes, and jewellery made with Gold & precious stones goes really well with this.

Latkan Style Nath

This type of nath is a rather unique type of nath and is conceptually a little different than other naths. That’s because it doesn’t feature a prominent nose ring. The real charm of these naths lies in how the chains are decorated with embellishments, from pearls to various other stones. One of a kind, this nath can go with all types of jewellery, and adds a distinct edge to your overall look.

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For The Just Right Nath For Your Wedding Look

A favoured adornment of the modern bride, and yet an age-old tradition in jewellery that has stood the test of time, the Nath is as versatile as it is unique. Buy the right nath for you big day at any of our stores!

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