Traditional South Indian Jewellery for this Diwali

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The festival of lights is one to cherish. The joy that comes with the celebration is unparalleled, and with our loved ones around, it’s sure to linger for a long time. As you prepare to welcome the auspicious occasion of Diwali, bring home jewellery that reflects the beauty of South Indian tradition. 

Here are a few collections that are crafted using classic techniques and can be a sparkling addition to your Diwali.

 Magnificent Necklace with Nakkashi Detailing

The Nakkashi technique represents a timeless South-Indian tradition and it comes together with Chandak work, forming this traditional necklace. Adorned with splendid leaf-like patterns, this piece is set in 22KT gold and is a perfect addition to your festive ensemble.

A part of our latest collection, Ekatvam, this necklace is a testament to the impeccable craftsmanship of our Karigars. 

An Exquisite Bangle Adorned with Lakshmi Coins

Diwali is incomplete without offering prayers to Goddess Lakshmi. This time, let this stunning gold design, that exudes auspiciousness, be a part of your celebration as well. This ornate bangle made of 22KT gold is accentuated by gold coins engraved with Goddess Lakshmi and brilliantly crafted motifs, capturing the richness of South Indian culture with its magnificence.

Neckwear Set that Portrays the Splendour of Traditions

Intricately crafted and emanating an eternal delight, these designs are inspired by the unique culture of South India. Mango-like patterns in yellow-gold are strung together to form this necklace and is sure to add a touch of sparkle to your celebration. For, what better way to celebrate this beloved occasion, than with jewellery that is true to our tradition?

Gold Jhumkas with Intricate Craftsmanship

These splendid Jhumkas comprise of beautiful Chandak work and Nakkashi detailing, which make these designs truly traditional. Along with the warmth of lighting up Diyas with your loved ones, let these majestic earrings brighten up your Diwali. For its sure to make your celebration a memorable one!

Amidst the lights and laughter, jewellery is an integral part of Diwali celebration. Traditional jewellery that’s crafted with timeless artistry is sure to complement this occasion with many fascinating traditions. Hence, celebrate this Diwali with one of our exquisitely crafted designs.

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