Your Jewellery Vision Board: The Jewellery Pieces You Should Wishlist NOW!

Diamond solitaires. Playful gemstone earrings. Sophisticated gold and pendant sets. Modern floral-inspired sets. Chic minimal gold bracelets and rings. Contemporary polki sets. Daily wear jewellery (especially thick hoops). Office use jewellery (something on the lines of sweet-looking And the list goes on and on and on!

All girls have a plethora of jewels that make up a chunk of their fashion vision board. But as you fill up your jewellery vision board, it is particularly hard to find pieces that fit your personality to the T, and especially those that are well-curated and compliment-worthy.

While you explore the overwhelming world of vision-board-perfect jewellery, there’s a lot of facets you must keep in mind!

When trying to build your jewellery vision board a.k.a your dream jewellery collection; multiple options come close. Start slow, try looking at pieces that are timeless in design but also suit your personality. If you’re someone who is looking for office use jewellery, try adding minimal gold drop earrings or statement diamond studs. If you’re looking to build something as a bridesmaid, go for classic yet contemporary gemstones like emeralds or rubies, or a contemporary polki or Kundan set.

Sounds a bit daunting? We’re breaking it down – piece by piece – for you!

Follow along to find the pieces that should definitely make it to your jewellery vision board.

1. Minimal Pendant Set

Endless Sparkle Diamond Set


From work dinners to festive gatherings — a charming pendant sit fits into all of these looks oh so effortlessly. A must-have in anyone’s starter daily wear jewellery collection, pendant sets lend beautifully to both on and off-duty fits. Versatile in nature and effortless in style, pendant sets are a must-have for any jewellery box (or vision board).

2. Contemporary polki studs

Half Moon Stud Earrings


The ideal candidates to leave you looking like a vision, contemporary polki studs are the current talk of the (fashion) town. Perfect to make a statement in the most fuss-free manner, these polki studs are your answer to keeping it chill during hectic wedding festivities (while also being at the top of your festive styling game). What makes them even more desirable, you ask? They transition effortlessly into your daily wear jewellery box for all the other special events you’re about to attend.

3. A statement diamond ring

Elegant Crossover Diamond Ring


A certified conversation starter, a statement diamond ring deserves maximum space on your jewellery vision board. Perfect for that grand celebration or to be a sweet part of your daily wear jewellery collection, a statement diamond ring in myriad patterns can add a touch of glamour to your already glowing ensemble, elevating your evening attire

4. A playful floral-inspired piece

Floral Short Drop Diamond Earrings


Part whimsical, part statement-making, a floral-inspired piece is just what you need to give an edge to your everyday ‘fits. An essential addition to your daily wear jewellery box as well as your office use jewellery box, these jewellery gems and their playful design add an extra layer of fun and experimental style to your sophisticated outfits. Be it work or play, take these beauties out for a run to add an elegant twist to your look.

5. A cocktail bracelet

Joy of Fairytales


A versatile addition that promises easy and effortless transition from day to night is the star of your jewellery box, a colour-rich cocktail bracelet. It makes for the perfect addition to both your daily wear jewellery collection and evening wear jewellery collection, adding a hint of glamour to your everyday outfits. It’s also a great choice for office use jewellery, providing a subtle yet stylish accent to your work ensemble, for days you feel like you’re in the need for a little pick-me-up.

Building your jewellery vision board with the perfect pieces can transform your collection into a dream come true. From minimal pendant sets to contemporary polki studs, each piece of daily use jewellery and office use jewellery adds its unique charm to your ensemble. Embrace these timeless designs and let your personality shine through your carefully curated jewellery collection. Whether it’s a statement diamond ring or playful floral-inspired earrings, each item will help you sparkle every day.

Remember, your vision board is a reflection of your style and aspirations. Invest in pieces that resonate with you, and you will always have a collection that makes you feel confident and radiant, no matter the occasion. Let your jewellery, both daily wear jewellery, office use jewellery and evening wear jewellery, be an extension of your personality, adding a touch of glamour to your everyday life !

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