Your Guide To: Styling The Humble Hoops Like A Fashion Guru  

If there’s one piece of daily wear jewellery that has stood the test of time; it is a humble pair of hoops. Be it chunky, be it minimal, be it geometric or even an eccentric wave-inspired shape, they always pass the vibe check for whatever outfit is at play.  

While the conventional styling manifestos to amp up this piece of daily wear jewellery are constantly under the spotlight, there’s more than one way to flaunt your favourite pair of hoops – and relieve them from the role of daily use jewellery – all perfectly in line to help you look like a certified fashion guru.  

Hoops don’t come without the hype though, forever leaning on the fear of being ruled out as basic. This peculiar property of theirs often ends their charm and finds them wound back in the jewellery drawer. Most people write off this piece of daily use jewellery thinking that they might end up being very, very basic. But, a major point to note is that classics, when playfully reinvented, stand the chance to shine with a renewed brightness.  

If you’re a patron of the daily use jewellery stars  but have run out of ways to make them look seemingly fresh and innovative, read on, because we have some style secrets to spill for you.  

1. Break the rules by breaking the pair 

Contemporary Leafy Hoop Earrings


Styling innovatively is always about challenging the status quo, and that directly translates to challenging the rule of matching your hoops! Embrace the asymmetry trend by wearing mismatched hoops and give your casual gold earrings a break. Edgy and modern, this style is sure to leave you basking in the glory of an effortlessly cool vibe. Keep your minimal office wear jewellery aside and choose hoops of different sizes or designs, such as a delicate leaf motif on one ear and a bold, braided hoop on the other. This playful approach keeps your look interesting and trendsetting.

2. Level up with polki hoops  

Elegant Polki Diamond Hoop Earrings


It may seem like an unusual collaboration, but polki diamonds and hoops are a definite match made in heaven. So if you’re seeking a little bit of extra glamour for that special celebration or that intimate festive dinner, look no further, your partner-in-style is here. Polki diamonds add an element of luxury and sophistication to your earrings, making them perfect for weddings or festive celebrations. These stunning hoops can transform even the simplest outfit into a glamorous ensemble, ensuring all eyes are on you. If you’re in the mood to amp up your on-duty ensemble, add these polki hoops on rotation for your office use jewellery.

3. Play with varied textures  

Edgy Contemporary Hoop Earrings


Textured hoops can add depth and intrigue to your look. From edgy, contemporary designs to intricate, traditional patterns, experimenting with different textures can make a significant impact. Choose hoops with unique finishes, like hammered metal or twisted designs, to bring a fresh dimension to your daily wear jewellery collection. These textures can catch the light beautifully, adding a subtle yet striking effect, adding a different facet to your daily wear jewellery box. Additionally, they’ll fetch you endless compliments.

4. Let the hairstyle do the talking 

Charming Floral Hoop Earrings


The way you style your hair can dramatically change how your hoops are perceived. For an elegant and polished look, wear your hair up in a sleek bun or ponytail, showcasing your daily wear jewellery hoops in all their glory. This style is perfect for highlighting large, statement hoops. Conversely, wearing your hair down in loose waves or straight can create a more relaxed and bohemian vibe, especially when paired with medium to small-sized hoops. It’s great to keep a mix of different sized hoops in your daily wear jewellery collection so you have enough to play around with.  

The humble hoop earring is far more versatile than it might initially seem. With the right styling, they can go from basic to brilliant in no time, elevating your daily wear jewellery stack. Whether you’re dressing up for a traditional event, experimenting with modern asymmetry, adding a touch of luxury, or playing with textures, having hoops in your daily wear jewellery box can adapt to any look with ease. By paying attention to the size, material, and your overall outfit, you can keep your hoop game fresh and exciting, and in turn up your office use jewellery game. Remember, confidence is key—let them be a true reflection of your unique style.  

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