What to Pair with Kundan Choker Sets

Kundan choker sets are a classic choice in Indian jewellery, known for their regal charm and intricate craftsmanship. However, choosing the right ensemble to pair with these timeless pieces requires a keen understanding of style and balance. In this guide, we will explore various outfit pairings that complement Kundan choker sets, helping you create a look that seamlessly marries tradition with contemporary elegance.


Pairing a Kundan choker with a saree is a match made in ethnic fashion heaven. Opt for a contrasting colour or a matching set to enhance the overall appeal. Whether it’s a silk saree for a traditional touch or a lightweight georgette saree for a modern look, the Kundan choker effortlessly elevates the grace of a saree.


A Kundan choker necklace beautifully complements the grandeur of lehengas. Choose a choker that mirrors the design elements of your lehenga for a cohesive look. This pairing exudes royal radiance, making it a popular choice for brides and wedding attendees alike.

Anarkali Suits:

For a blend of tradition and modernity, pair your Kundan choker set with an Anarkali suit. The flowy silhouette of an Anarkali suit adds a touch of sophistication, while the choker enhances the neckline, creating a harmonious and elegant ensemble.

Palazzo Sets:

Kundan chokers can effortlessly transition into more contemporary looks, such as palazzo sets. Pairing a choker with a well-tailored palazzo suit strikes the perfect balance between ethnic and modern chic, making it an ideal choice for events that call for a fusion of styles.

Crop Tops and Skirts:

Unleash your bohemian spirit by pairing a Kundan choker with a crop top and skirt ensemble. This unconventional pairing exudes a playful yet sophisticated vibe, perfect for sangeet nights or mehendi ceremonies.

Why Choose Tanishq for Your Jewellery Needs

As you embark on the journey of adorning yourself with the timeless beauty of Kundan choker sets, the importance of choosing a trustworthy brand cannot be overstated. Tanishq, a name synonymous with heritage and craftsmanship, stands as a reliable choice for all your jewellery needs. Crafting each piece with the finest raw materials and the expertise of skilled craftsmen, Tanishq ensures that each reflects a commitment to quality piece and authenticity. The brand’s legacy is built on an unwavering dedication to excellence, making Tanishq the go-to choice for those who seek not just jewellery, but a piece of art that narrates stories of tradition and elegance.

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