Trending Bridal Jewellery for Haldi Ceremony

The Haldi ceremony is an integral part of Indian weddings and is a vibrant pre-wedding ritual celebrated with great enthusiasm. As it is her special day, choosing the perfect haldi jewellery for bride becomes an essential part of her ensemble. While the Haldi ceremony calls for minimalistic and lightweight jewellery, there are plenty of options that effortlessly blend tradition with contemporary styles. In this blog, we will explore some of the most trending bridal jewellery for the Haldi ceremony, allowing brides to shine bright and exude elegance during this auspicious occasion.

Floral-inspired Jewellery

Nature-inspired jewellery, particularly floral motifs, has gained immense popularity for Haldi ceremonies that make up the bridal haldi jewellery set. Delicate and intricate floral designs in earrings, bracelets, and necklaces bring a fresh and natural touch to the bride’s overall look and is a trending wedding jewellery for brides these days. Consider adorning yourself with dainty flower patterns or gemstones shaped like blossoms. These pieces capture the essence of the Haldi ceremony, where flowers are traditionally used to adorn the bride. Additionally, don’t forget to choose jewellery with vibrant colors and exquisite craftsmanship to add a touch of elegance and grace.

Maang Tikka

A maang tikka, worn on the forehead, is a traditional Indian haldi jewellery for bride and adds a regal charm to the overall appearance. For the Haldi ceremony, opt for a lightweight and dainty maang tikka with floral or nature-inspired designs. Such pieces not only complement the festive atmosphere but also enhance the bride’s beauty. Select a maang tikka that matches the color palette of your outfit and features intricate craftsmanship, ensuring it becomes a focal point of your Haldi ensemble.

Statement Earrings:

Opt for trending wedding jewellery such as statement earrings to infuse glamour and festivity into your Haldi look. Look for designs that incorporate colorful gemstones, beads, or shells. Tassel earrings, with their playful and vibrant nature are perfect for adding an extra dose of joy to your appearance. Additionally, oversized jhumkas, traditional Indian earrings, can lend a touch of grandeur while still being lightweight and comfortable. Explore various designs and find the perfect pair that reflects your personality and style, making you stand out during the Haldi ceremony.

Bangles and Bracelets

Adorning your wrists with bangles and bracelets is a timeless tradition during Indian weddings. For the Haldi ceremony, choose stackable bracelets or bangles that are lightweight and colorful. Lac, glass, or silk thread bangles can add a playful and vibrant touch to your ensemble. Mix and match different styles and colors to create a unique combination that complements your outfit and expresses your individuality. The jingling sound of these bangles will add a delightful element to your Haldi celebration.


Adorning your ankles with delicate anklets is a charming addition to your Haldi ceremony attire. Look for anklets with small bells, beads, or charms that jingle when you walk. Choose designs that reflect your personality and match the color palette of your outfit. Anklets not only add a traditional touch but also enhance your overall bridal look by drawing attention to your feet. Whether you opt for dainty chains or intricate designs, these anklets will imbue your Haldi ceremony ensemble with elegance and grace.

Layered Necklaces:

Minimalistic and lightweight finger rings can add a touch of sparkle to the bride’s hands during the Haldi ceremony. Opt for delicate designs featuring gemstones or choose trendy midi rings that can be stacked or worn individually. These rings provide a subtle yet significant accent to the bride’s overall look, drawing attention to her hands and enhancing her natural beauty.
When it comes to choosing bridal jewellery for the Haldi ceremony, embracing elegance and simplicity is the key. The trends mentioned above highlight the current preferences among brides, allowing them to make a statement while keeping their look light and graceful. Whether it’s floral-inspired jewellery, statement earrings, or delicate anklets, each piece adds its own unique charm to the bride’s ensemble. Remember, the ultimate goal is to select jewellery that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and reflects your individual style on your special day.

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