The Guide to Celebrating Your Little Milestones

It’s no secret that you’re a force to reckon with. Be it as a new mom, as an ace presenter in office, being a splendid cook for yourself and your loved ones around you, being the best pet mama, or even as just a person trying to live life to the fullest, you’re doing a great job. And while more often than not we are constantly thinking of ways to expand our achievements and double up on the hard work, we hardly seek any thoughts that outline the myriad ways in which we must celebrate our little milestones.  

It’s not just you; it’s everyone. Most people are riddled with guilt each time they think of letting their milestones shine with the help of a little something that helps commemorate their achievements at large. But, the real question is, why must it?  

Today we’re taking some time out to help you come face to face with the many ways you can — and must! — celebrate your little milestones. It doesn’t matter how large it is or if it seems worth it or not, if you think it’s something you’re proud of, take this as your cue to celebrate yourself! It can be anything, a small cheesecake you’ve been eyeing at that new bakery, that dress you’ve window shopped or that pair of diamond earrings that you can’t get out of your head.  

Read on for a full guide to celebrating your milestones 

1. Taking A Spa Day

Dangle Diamond Drop Earrings


How many times have you found yourself scrolling through the menu card of that relaxing spa in your neighbourhood only to shut it down because of yet another Zoom call? Here’s us encouraging you to finally close your laptop down and take that spa day that you’ve always wanted to. What’s the point of winning so many accolades if you can’t stop looking at them, appreciate them and give yourself your own little award; one that’s sure to lift your spirits! Even superheroes need a break (and a luxurious spa) to help them get better at doing their job effortlessly. 

Tanishq tip: Add in bright gold drop earrings from your daily wear jewellery box to your laid-back spa look to feel extra luxurious!  

2. An Indulgent Brunch With The Girls

There’s no unwinding like the unwinding done with your core group of girls! Throw on a lovely dress, get a reservation at a sunny outdoor cafe, order several rounds of french toasts and mimosas, and laugh your heart out with your best friends — this truly makes for the best celebration there is. Here’s your cue to hit that group chat and finally set the plan in motion.  

Tanishq tip: Wear a sweet quartz statement ring from your wedding party jewellery sets to amp up the sparkle on your outfit! 

3. Buying All Books On Your TBR List

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If you’re a book lover, there’s no better way to celebrate a milestone than by treating yourself to all the books on your To-Be-Read list. Take it up a notch by creating a cozy reading nook at home to dive into your new literary treasures.  
Tanishq tip: Dress up in a cute maxi, wear your favourite hoops from your daily wear jewellery collection and turn this book shopping day into a solo date!  

4. Getting That Iced Coffee Before Work

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More often than not we end up skipping on things that give us true happiness! As you move through life in 2x speed, don’t forget to slow down and smell the flowers (or the aroma of coffee at your favourite neighbourhood spot!). The next time you’re in the mood to celebrate yourself, treat yourself to a cutesy breakfast at an artisanal coffee spot and savour that iced coffee you’ve been meaning to since a very long time. And don’t forget to raise a very special (iced coffee) toast to your achievements so far.  

Tanishq tip: Grab a wholesome breakfast sandwich along with your iced coffee – and don’t forget to add more sparkle to your morning out with a pair of minimal diamond jewellery from your daily wear jewellery box!  

5. Buying Yourself Those Diamonds You’ve Been Eyeing

Sleek Diamond Drop Earrings


Diamonds are the one investment that help do both, help you feel your best and add to your ever glowing sparkle! And what better way to celebrate a milestone than by gifting yourself that pair of diamond earrings you’ve been eyeing? This is an investment you make in yourself — one that not only adds a beautiful piece to your jewellery collection but also serves as a lasting reminder of your achievement. Whether it’s daily wear jewellery or something more extravagant, this purchase is a statement of self-love and recognition of your hard work. 

Tanishq tip: Buy a timeless pair that will blend in well with all your favourite pieces, especially the ones that comprise your daily wear jewellery box!  

Take this as your inspiration or guide book to celebrate yourself, because you truly deserve it all, for all the sparkle you add to the world, day in and day out.  

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