Styling Your Jewellery For Your Many Different Personalities

Every day is a new mood. Come Monday you’re starting the week with a renewed zeal and want to dress in something cute or colour-rich to keep the spirits high. Through Wednesday and Thursday, you can’t wait for the weekend and the thought of glamming up seems like yet another mundane chore — so on days like these you tap into another facet of your personality, the one that likes to wind down and pretend like it’s already the weekend, and wants to keep the styling to minimal. Come the weekend, you’re back into your all-out-glam personality, one where you let the stylist in you run wild and free, where you give utmost importance to fashion explorations and stylistic choices reign supreme.

No matter what styling mood or personality you’re in, picking out something exquisite to amp up the look from your daily wear jewellery collection or your office use jewellery box or just your myriad stack of hoops and other gold earrings, is a constant.

Read on to find the perfect piece to wear with your many changing personalities, so you spend more time on having a great time and less hassle on the styling woes

1. For Your ‘Keep It Chill’ Personality

Starry Dual Tone Diamond Stud Earrings


When your laid-back personality comes into play, you want your look to match the vibes, immaculately. In these cases, Opt for minimalistic pieces from your daily wear jewellery collection that pack simplicity and elegance. Think thin bracelets, gold pendants or just plain old gold earrings — these pieces are perfect for days where you want to look stylish without putting in too much effort. And the best part? These can easily be picked out of your daily wear jewellery box or office use jewellery collection!

2. For Your ‘Corp-Core’ Personality

Elegant Crossover Diamond Ring


Subtle Stacked Ring


When you’re heading into office with a blazing streak of confidence, your corporate personality demands that it be reflected fairly via a look that exudes sophistication and looks put together. On days like these, dig deep into your office jewellery box or daily wear jewellery box and get
stacking. Pick out pieces like minimal yet chic drop earrings, a sleek gold chain or pendant, and a diamond ring to complete your power look. A plus point? These pieces keep you looking polished and confident throughout the day, getting you ready to tackle any meeting or presentation that comes your way.

3. For Your ‘Pink Obsession’ Personality

Tickle Pink Diamond Ring


Pink Marquise Diamond Finger Ring


Wild Roses Diamond Stud Earrings


It’s no secret that the colour pink has taken a permanent spot in our wardrobes (and our hearts) after the frenzy last year. And as you embrace the feminine side with your ‘pink obsession’ personality, we’re here to suggest you pieces that will help it shine with even brighter zeal. Embrace this vibrant side with jewellery that features gemstones like pink sapphires or rose quartz. Statement rings or drop earrings in shades of pink can add a fun and flirty touch to your outfit. Keep it going by adding these radiant pieces to your daily wear jewellery collection or office use jewellery collection!

4. For Your ‘Extra Fancy’ Personality

Sparkling Diamond Pendant


Glittering with Glee


On the rare occasions where you feel like going a bit extra for that Saturday night out or that bridal shower your friends have planned for you, our tip is to support that personality by being playful with your jewellery. Dive into your collection of glamorous jewellery — think bold statement necklaces, chandelier earrings, sparkling cocktail rings and et all. These pieces allow you to experiment with your style and make a statement. Your daily wear jewellery or office use jewellery can take a backseat as you let your inner trendsetter take the lead.

5. For Your ‘I’m In My Brunch Phase’ Personality

Seashell Pearl Bangle


We all have our brunch phases on loop, popping up every other weekend. Brunch day equates to fun, playful, relaxed vibes only. And why shouldn’t your look replicate the vibe? Choose pieces from your office use jewellery or daily wear jewellery that are chic and versatile — a pair of elegant pearl earrings or a dainty gold bracelet can complement your brunch look perfectly, adding a touch of sophistication without being too over-the-top, making them ideal for a leisurely brunch with your loved ones. An extra tip? Don’t hold back on gemstones to add an extra
dimension of playfulness!

Your style is an ever-evolving expression of your mood and personality. Whether you’re keeping it chill, embracing your corporate side, indulging in a pink obsession, going extra fancy, or enjoying a brunch phase, there’s always a perfect piece of jewellery to match. By selecting the right pieces from your daily wear jewellery collection or office use jewellery box, you can effortlessly transition between different looks and personalities.

Celebrate each facet of your personality with jewellery that speaks to you. Let your accessories not only complement your outfit but also enhance your mood, ensuring you feel fabulous every single day!

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