Must-Have Jewellery Pieces for a Stunning Mehendi Look

A mehendi ceremony is an integral part of Indian weddings, filled with vibrant colors, joyful celebrations, and intricate henna designs. It is a time when the bride and her loved ones come together to celebrate the upcoming union. To complement the traditional attire and henna patterns, selecting the right jewellery is crucial. The right pieces of jewellery can elevate the bride’s overall look, adding an element of glamour and sophistication. In this blog, we will explore what do brides wear for mehendi and the must-have jewellery pieces that are essential for creating a stunning mehendi look.

Statement Maang Tikka

A maang tikka is a forehead ornament that is synonymous with bridal jewellery . For a mehendi look, opt for a statement maang tikka that is adorned with colorful gemstones or intricate designs. The maang tikka adds a regal touch to the bride’s ensemble and draws attention to the face. Choose a design that complements your face shape and hairstyle, ensuring that it sits comfortably on your forehead.

Chandelier Earrings

To frame your face and add a touch of elegance, chandelier earrings are a must-have for a mehendi ceremony. These long, dangling earrings are typically adorned with delicate pearls, colorful gemstones, or intricate filigree work. They not only enhance your facial features but also add movement and sparkle to your look. Choose a pair that matches the color scheme of your outfit while ensuring they are not too heavy to wear for long hours.


No mehendi look is complete without the jingling sound of bangles adorning the bride’s wrists. Stackable bangles are a popular choice as they allow you to create a personalized look by mixing and matching different designs, colors, and materials. Consider wearing a mix of glass bangles, metal kadas, or even statement cuffs. Experiment with different textures and sizes to create a visually appealing stack that complements your attire.

Haath Phool

A hand harness, also known as haath phool, is a unique piece of jewellery that beautifully adorns the bride’s hand. It typically consists of a bracelet connected to multiple chains that extend to individual rings for each finger. Haath phool designs vary from traditional to contemporary, incorporating intricate details and gemstones. Opt for a design that complements your mehendi design and adds a touch of femininity to your hands. This is one of the best mehendi jewellery for bride .


Anklets are a charming addition to a mehendi look, especially if you’re wearing a lehenga or a saree. They adorn the ankles, adding a delicate touch and enhancing the bride’s overall appearance. Choose anklets with tinkling bells, beads, or gemstones to create a melodious sound as you walk. Ensure they fit comfortably and do not interfere with your movement.

Statement Rings

Statement rings can be the perfect finishing touch to your mehendi look. These eye-catching pieces draw attention to your hands and fingers, complementing the intricate henna patterns. Opt for rings with vibrant gemstones, elaborate designs, or even personalized initials. Remember to balance the size and style of the ring with the rest of your jewellery to maintain a harmonious look.

Waist Belt

For an added touch of glamour, consider wearing a waist belt, also known as kamarbandh or kamar patta. These ornate belts are worn around the waist, highlighting the bride’s curves and enhancing the elegance of her attire. Choose a waist belt adorned with gemstones, pearls, or intricate filigree work to create a stunning focal point. It is essential to ensure that the waist belt is adjustable and fits comfortably to avoid discomfort during the ceremony. It will easily be one of the best parts of your mehendi function jewellery for bride .

Choosing the right jewellery for a mehendi ceremony is essential to complete a stunning bridal look. The statement maang tikka, chandelier earrings, stackable bangles, haath phool, anklets, statement rings, and waist belt are must-have pieces that can transform your appearance and add a touch of elegance and charm. When selecting jewellery, consider the overall color scheme, design, and comfort to ensure your mehendi look is breathtaking. Remember, each piece of jewellery should harmonize with your attire and enhance your natural beauty, making you feel like a radiant bride on your special day.

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