Lightweight & Modern Gold Chokers Trending This Season

In the ever-changing world of fashion, some classics never go out of style, and this season, it’s all about the timeless charm of gold chokers. At Tanishq, we’re always keeping an eye on what’s hot globally and what our customers love. Our goal has always been to blend the best of tradition with fresh, modern vibes. And with our latest collection of lightweight, stylish gold chokers, we’re bringing something really exciting to the Indian jewellery scene.

Our newest creation, GlamDays – a destination for daily wear jewellery infusing a touch of luxury into your daily routine with statement gold and diamond jewellery, never seen in India so far. Inspired by the latest designs from around the world, each piece is a celebration of elegance and sophistication, ready to adorn your everyday style with unmatched radiance. 

From simple and elegant lightweight gold jewellery to bold statement pieces, our collection has something for everyone. Each choker is crafted with care and attention to detail, using only the best materials and techniques. Whether you’re looking for a subtle accent to your everyday outfit or a standout piece to make a statement, you’ll find it here.

So why not add a touch of timeless elegance to your wardrobe? Explore our latest collection of lightweight, chic gold chokers and discover the perfect accessory to elevate your look. With Tanishq, you can embrace tradition with a modern twist and make a style statement that’s uniquely yours.

Timeless Allure, Modern Edge: 

In curating GlamDays , Tanishq embarked on a global journey of inspiration, to infuse a touch of modern trends into your daily routine. GlamDays presents a refreshing take on jewellery, offering sleek, modern and minimalist designs inspired by international designs. These statement pieces, though not heavy or overwhelming, are guaranteed to turn heads and spark conversations.  

The result? Exquisite chokers that seamlessly integrate into your everyday life. Whether you’re adding a touch of sophistication to your workwear or seeking a statement piece for a night out, our lightweight designs are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring effortless elegance.

And because we believe in pushing boundaries, we’ve incorporated innovative techniques like laser cutting and 3D printing. These elevate the experience, creating a sense of premiumization that discerning customers appreciate. It’s a whole new level of gold jewellery – a unique expression of your style, designed to become a cherished part of your everyday story.

So, explore our collection and let Tanishq be your partner in redefining how you wear gold, every single day.

The Essence Of Tanishq GlamDays

At GlamDays, you can discover styles for every mood and occasion. Here, you’ll find everything to fuel your personal style. Explore Tanishq Glamdays with over 10000 unique designs to choose from ranging across a variety of:

Contemporary Delights: These chokers are not just accessories; they’re versatile essentials that effortlessly complement any outfit, whether it’s your everyday office attire or an elegant evening ensemble. The seamless transition from day to night is made possible by their timeless elegance, making them an indispensable addition to any wardrobe.

Modern Ethnic Fusion: At Tanishq, we celebrate our rich cultural heritage while embracing the latest technological advancements. Our contemporary ethnic chokers seamlessly blend traditional Indian craftsmanship with innovative design elements, striking a delicate balance between the old and the new. 

Fashion-forward Statements: For those who dare to stand out, our collection of statement gold chokers is a testament to boldness and individuality. From daring designs to eye-catching embellishments, these pieces are not just accessories—they’re conversation starters. Whether you’re attending a special event or simply want to elevate your everyday look, our fashion-forward chokers are sure to make heads turn and hearts skip a beat.

In essence, our gold chokers are more than just jewellery; they’re expressions of personal style and modern sensibility. With their timeless elegance, cultural significance, and bold statements, they embody the spirit of today’s fashion-forward individual. So why settle for the ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary? Discover the allure of contemporary gold with Tanishq and make a statement that is uniquely yours.

Styling Tips: How To Wear Your Gold Choker

Wondering how to style your Tanishq gold choker? Here are a few tips to help you make a statement:

Daytime Chic: Embrace sophistication by pairing your gold choker with a crisp white shirt and tailored trousers. This timeless combination exudes polished elegance, perfect for a day at the office or a casual lunch with friends. Add a touch of personality with bold lipstick or statement earrings to elevate your look from ordinary to extraordinary.

Evening Glam: Channel your inner diva by layering your choker with a plunging neckline dress or a sleek jumpsuit. Let your choker take centre stage as the focal point of your ensemble, keeping the rest of your accessories minimal to allow its beauty to shine through. Complete the look with a sleek hairstyle and subtle makeup for a glamorous night out on the town.

Ethnic Elegance: Infuse your traditional attire with a touch of modernity by accessorizing with a contemporary ethnic gold choker. Whether you’re attending a wedding, festival, or family gathering, this versatile piece adds a touch of sparkle to any ensemble. Pair it with a vibrant saree or a classic lehenga to create a look that’s both timeless and trendy, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of India with a modern twist.

With these styling tips, you can confidently wear your Tanishq gold choker with flair and finesse, making a stylish statement wherever you go. Whether it’s daytime chic, evening glam, or ethnic elegance, your gold choker is sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression.

Elevate Your Style With Tanishq’s Gold Chokers

With our newest selection of lightweight and stylish gold chokers, we extend a warm invitation to you to join us in embracing this trend and taking your style to greater heights. From refined contemporary elegance to captivating modern ethnic fusion, our diverse range of designs caters to every taste and preference. Whether you’re drawn to understated sophistication or bold statements, there’s a perfect choker waiting for you at Tanishq.

Why wait any longer? Step into the world of Tanishq today and explore our collection. Discover the ideal statement piece to complement your daily attire and express your unique style with grace and confidence.

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