Mastering The Art Of Layering Your Wedding Jewellery

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A wedding is incomplete without jewellery. Be it temple jewellery, a gorgeous kundan necklace or something from your grandma’s heirloom, the modern day bride today knows how to put a look together and make sure she looks spectacular at the wedding with her own signature style.

Over the wedding seasons, a recent trend that brides have taken a liking to are multi-layered necklaces. But, a bride needs to carefully select the different pieces of her wedding jewellery that she wants to layer together to ensure that she takes her wedding look up a few notches.

Exploring the Golden “Rule of Three”

When it comes to layering of bridal jewellery, there’s one rule that Fashion experts & Stylists always stand by – The Rule of Three. It helps brides understand how to go about the layering process of their wedding jewellery and ace it like a diva.

Depending on the type of neckline you’re working with, it pays to follow the golden rule of three. One statement piece, and one supplementary piece above and below it.

We recommend that you start out by keeping it simple. Start out with two simpler and more subtle pieces of varying lengths. But once you get the hang of it, you can make a big splash with a bolder piece and get more adventurous with the kind of combinations you’re working with. When deciding on the length of the necklaces in your bridal repertoire, bear in mind the three common points of the neck, collarbone and over the neckline on the bust.

Easy Tips For Slaying With Layering

Here’s a list of a few things to remember when you’re layering your wedding jewellery:

1. Check the neckline of your blouse:

Check whether it’s open or deep cut, embroidered or plain. It’s best to avoid layering too much with the heavily embroidered neckline to avoid making the look too busy or cluttered.

2. Pick relevant colour tones:

Picking the colours from the lehenga or saree and using them in the different layers of the wedding jewellery help in creating a coordinated, yet fun and pretty look.

3. Layer different embellishments:

For brides that like going minimalist and aren’t fans of the heavy wedding jewellery, layering pearls, diamonds and polki with pastels helps in putting together a great look.

4. Play with shapes & sizes:

If the bride wants to create her very own unique look, it’s useful to pair up different sizes and shapes of gemstones, textures and styles of necklaces

5. Layering go-to’s:

With so much to take care of for the big day, things can get confusing sometimes. So, to make sure layering your jewellery doesn’t add to your troubles, one can go with safe options like Satlada necklaces, pearl, emerald and ruby strings. Classy & stylish, a bride can never go wrong with these.

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