How To Care For Your Wedding Jewellery

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Weddings and jewellery go hand in hand. Beyond the celebrations of your big day, you must ensure that your wedding jewellery has the same charm on any other day you wear it, from smallest accessories to the statement pieces. Forget everything you know about one-size-fits-all maintenance, because safeguarding your bridal jewellery set and other pieces begins with a unique treatment plan for different metals and gemstones.

To ensure the longevity of those precious pieces, here’s a quick list of everything you can do to ensure your bridal jewellery can be passed down to the next generation:

  1. Check Up On Them Regularly

It’s advisable to check on your jewellery every 6-8 months, regardless of whether you wear it regularly or keep it stored. This is to ensure there’s no dirt build-up and check if it needs to be given a reasonable polish.

2. Store Them Properly

After you’ve done the cleaning, be patient enough for the jewellery to dry out completely before storing it. Store each jewellery piece in a separate fabric-lined box. Use clean fabric or tissue paper to keep the jewellery, and then keep it in an airtight box. Use small camphor balls or Silica gel sachets to keep away the moisture.

3. Keep Away From Chemicals

Ensure that your jewellery doesn’t come in contact with chemicals and chemical-based products like perfumes, deodorants, hairsprays or any other cosmetics. These can not only discolour precious metals, such as gold, silver and platinum, but can also damage other items such as pearls.

4. No Heat, No Light

Shield your jewellery from prolonged exposure to heat and light, owing to their extreme effects on your jewellery. Certain gemstones are especially vulnerable to heat, while other jewels might bleach under the sun. Excessive heat can also fracture gems or create tiny cracks. Extreme heat and light can also affect the metal in different ways, and eventually make your jewellery look bad, or develop faults over time.

5. Clean With Microfiber Cloth

A regular microfiber cloth – like the one you use for your spectacles – works well to clean and polish your jewellery.  Ensure that you wipe your jewellery clean after you’ve worn it and are storing it away carefully after. Don’t resort to any aggressive cleaning methods, like using sharp or friction-causing materials to clean. If the grime is not getting cleaned at home, consult a Tanishq expert at your nearest store.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All…Jewellery

Each type of jewellery needs its own special way of caring for it. Here a few quick tips on how to take care of all the different types of metals in your jewellery wardrobe:


Diamonds might be indestructible, but are susceptible to scratches and damages from everyday use. It is, thus, advised to clean your diamonds regularly with soapy water and wipe them to remove any dirt on them. Also, they should ideally be stored in a fabric-lined case in individual compartments to avoid scratches from other pieces of jewellery.


Much like you, even your gold jewellery can be harmed by prolonged exposure to dirt and humidity. Make sure you rinse your gold jewellery regularly with a mild soap solution, and scrub away any oil or dirt before storing them away in a dry place with no direct heat or sunlight.


Silver is prone to oxidisation and tarnishing upon contact with humidity and chemicals. To combat this damage, make sure you scrub your silver jewellery with toothpaste before wiping it away with a soft cloth.


To make sure that your platinum pieces appear as lustrous as they day you brought them, you maintain and clean them regularly. Use a gentle solution of soap and warm water, before rubbing it with a soft cloth.

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