Buying Your Wedding Jewellery? Keep These Things In Mind

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Your bridal jewellery is what ties your entire wedding look together! No matter how breathtakingly gorgeous your lehenga is, it can look bizarre if not paired with the right jewellery. This is why buying your wedding jewellery, if not the first thing on your wedding to-do list, should definitely not be the last one either. Especially when you know what a taxing task it is to find and pick the perfect piece for your big day.

With innumerable options available in polki, kundan, pearls, and so many different styles, it only gets all the more difficult to settle on one without getting confused. And this is definitely one task that can’t be risked being delegated to someone else.

So, here are a few tips and tricks you can keep in mind when looking for the right bridal jewellery set for your big day:

  1. Decide A Budget & Stick To It

It’s best to exercise a little restraint, when planning to buy your wedding jewellery. Setting a budget and sticking to it, helps in cutting down on that extra & unnecessary expense. This leaves you with enough to be able to splurge lavishly on your wedding outfits and other accessories instead.

2. Buy The Jewellery Before Buying Your Wedding Lehenga
When it’s a choice between your jewellery or your lehenga first, we recommend picking your jewellery first. It’s the smarter way to go because not only is it a huge investment, but also will help you take a call on the fit, colour-scheme and overall look of your wedding functions.

3. Start At Least 6 Months In Advance

Considering the myriad of options laid out, from gemstones used to style of jewellery, it’s bound to confuse you. Since, these are for your big day, you’d want to go through each and every variety and carefully select the one that goes with your style the best. It, thus, makes sense to keep enough time in hand, so you can take your call in peace.

4. Buy Your Engagement Ring First

As a piece of jewellery that you’re going to wear (and flaunt!) for the rest of your life, it makes sense to spend on it before any other major spending on wedding outfits and accessories. This also helps because once you decide on your ring, you can decide on your other looks accordingly, so it all seems like a part of one cohesive look.

5. Is the Metal a good match for you?

An engagement ring, much like your partner, is there to stay with you forever. Thus, it becomes important to pay attention to the metal you’re using for it. Here are a few things you should always keep in mind when buying the engagement ring:

a) Does it go with your style?

From timeless yellow gold, trendy rose gold, exquisite white gold or everlasting platinum, make sure the metal you pick is unique to both you and your partner.

b) Does it go with your lifestyle?

If you’re someone with a very active lifestyle, you’d need a metal that can keep up. In such a case, Platinum is your best choice, as it’s incredibly strong. If you want to go with gold, the strongest of the lot is Rose Gold, followed by White Gold & Yellow Gold respectively.

c) Does it go with the design?

While its design must come alive when the ring finally takes shape, it’s crucial to know what’s the right metal for it, keeping in mind all the practical constraints associated. It’s better to use 18KT gold instead of 22KT gold, because the latter is soft and doesn’t have the strength to keep the diamonds or gemstones in place. The 18KT gold, on the other hand, is a lot more sturdy and is perfect to hold the design and diamonds in place for years to come.

d) What kind of maintenance does it demand?

Ensure that you pay attention to this aspect when buying your jewellery, because your choice of metal will affect the level of upkeep required later. For instance, Platinum is prone to surface-level scratches and requires a trip to your jeweller every few years for a quick polishing. Gold, on the other hand, might end up with oxidation if not stored properly.

Buying Your Wedding Jewellery?

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