An Exquisite Range of Bangles for Your Festive Celebrations

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Bangles are an irreplaceable part of our tradition and culture, and our country is home to some magnificent Karigaris that have come into being through the ages. Such has been the significance of bangles that we can hardly think of a special occasion without them. As the festive season has begun, bring home some of our exquisitely created bangles that are an ode to our timeless craftsmanship.

Here are some designs from our brilliant collections that are sure to make your celebrations a little more special!

Stunning Creations That Are A Blend Of Filigree And Rawa Work

A Bengali craft form, Filigree, and Gujarat’s Rawa Work come together to form these traditional bangles. Intricately crafted and adorned with floral motifs, they are a part of our latest festive range, Ekatvam, a collection that celebrates the beauty of oneness. Emanating the splendour of your celebrations, these bangles will be a stunning addition to your festivities. 


Charming Bangles That Are A Contemporary Marvel

Timeless artistry in gold and enchanting designs make these bangles one-of-a-kind. Exuding a modern delight, these pieces also complement your festive look elegantly. For celebrations that truly stay with you for a long time, it is befitting to wear jewellery as charming as these. So, go ahead, and bring them home this festive season.

Timeless Designs Adorned With Jaali Work

These delights are a blend of two timeless artforms, Rawa work, and Jaali work. With impeccable artistry and beautiful magenta gemstones, these traditional gold bangles can instantly elevate your festive look. The joy that comes with the festivities is unmatched, and these traditional designs only add to the never-ending celebrations with your loved ones.

It isn’t a festive season until you get that fulfilling sense of joy. Enjoy each moment while also adorning radiant festive looks! We believe, these festive bangles, and many more from our collections can help you dazzle during your celebrations, as you make memories for a lifetime. So, do drop by your nearest Tanishq store or visit and bring home one of our timeless designs! Keywords: festive bangles, traditional bangles, traditional gold bangles.

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