Celebrating Craftsmen and Craftsmanship in Every Way!

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In every piece of jewellery at Tanishq, what shines the brightest is the craftsmanship of our Karigars. Over the years, our Karigars have shown unparalleled expertise in meticulously creating shimmers, because of which we bring you jewellery that transcends time. Their vision, passion, and eye for detail deserve to be celebrated, and we never miss an opportunity to do so.  

Blessings that are Etched in Gold!

We strive to take utmost care of our Karigars’ wellbeing, from making sure that they’ve proper housing and education, to maintaining a healthy work environment including upskilling training. When the unexpected surge of the pandemic made lives difficult for many, we provided all the essentials to our Karigars and ensured their safety during this unprecedented time. 

We believe, all this care and compassion have earned us the blessings of our Karigars and their families. Along with our jewellery, these blessings are a part of your celebrations as well. 

Jewels that Emanate the Beauty of Traditions

From bringing to life the splendour of traditions to honouring the classical art forms, we continue to create jewellery that celebrates the rich heritage of our country. Our Karigars have come together to craft many such collections which range from Padmaavat, which was crafted for the period drama, to Ekatvam, our latest festive jewellery.

The Ekatvam collection was created by over 1000 Karigars, and it comprises of 15 different craft forms from different parts of our country. A range of traditional jewellery that celebrates the beauty of oneness, Ekatvam was made using techniques like Nakkashi, an art form from Tamil Nadu, Gujarat’s Rawa & Chandak work, Bengal’s Filigree, etc. Traditional necklaces, exquisitely crafted bangles, earrings, and many such mesmerising pieces make this collection one to treasure.

Another timeless collection that’s purely precious is Nyusha, which was crafted using classic techniques like electroforming, casting, and tubing. This collection comprises of designs for the modern woman and for the many precious occasions in her life.

Overall, all these designs are an artistic wonder and an ode to our unrivalled craftsmanship.

Innovating with Our Designs

While many of our jewellery is inspired by traditions and art forms, we’ve also created innovative jewellery using novel techniques. One such jewellery collection which was crafted using laser-cut and tubing technique went on to win the most prestigious award for product design, the Red Dot. These creations are extremely lightweight, and perfectly suit the modern Indian woman as daily wear.


All our creations are our Karigars’ labour of love, for they are an integral part of the Tanishq family. We truly believe our prosperity rests in their wellbeing. Explore the stunning designs that they’ve created at your nearest Tanishq store or visit tanishq.co.in.  Keywords: traditional jewellery, traditional necklaces, innovative jewellery

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