Rose-gold Shimmer For Your Everyday Ensemble

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The thing about jewellery, is that it can make any occasion a special one. Be it meeting your dearest friends, a crucial client presentation, a mid-week break at your favourite coffee shop, or a dinner with your colleagues, the perfect jewel can gracefully elevate your look and make you feel great!

Here are some of our rose-gold delights for you to make style statements and accentuate your elegance with every outfit. 

Keep it simple with Rings

Keeping it simple comes easily with delightful rose-gold rings like this one. Suited especially for casual occasions, this ring’s contemporary motif and brilliant hue is sure to be the perfect addition to your everyday glow.

Delicate Neckwear For A Stunning Look

With its delicate design and new-age pendant, this jewel is a great addition to your work wardrobe and is sure to hold people’s gazes, leaving you feeling confident and looking stunning!

Carry the shine with this Pendant

Whether it is adding some shine to an afternoon brunch or adorning a spec of elegance to that family gathering, this rose-gold pendant with its splendid shimmer is a must-have.

Earrings that add sparkle to your outfit

Perfect for a date night or a movie your friends, these earrings with their unconventional design and shades of rose gold and white are sure to make a sparkling addition to your collection.


We understand that every occasion brings with it a new possibility to shine and look your best. That is precisely why we bring you creations that are timeless, stylish and unique. Be it these rose-gold creations or any other design from Tanishq, know that we share your passion for jewellery and will constantly try to surprise you with every piece we make.

Here’s to making every day sparkle with delicate yet striking designs like these!

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