Timeless Necklaces To Treasure

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When it comes to jewellery, every piece tells the story of the woman adorns it. At Tanishq, we believe that every woman is worth celebrating and that is precisely why we strive to create jewellery that is unique, elegant and truly spectacular!

As a testament to this notion here are 4 timeless necklaces from Tanishq that you need to own and the story behind their craftsmanship.

 Crafted using Ras Rawa work and brought to life through its delicate coloured stones, this pendant set from Utsava is an exemplary piece to be owned. Be it a wedding ceremony or a festive celebration this gold pendant is the perfect amalgam of heritage and modernity; further making it a jewel that is truly a keepsake.

An elegant piece, that is crafted using rose gold, white gold and different cuts of diamonds, this choker from Swayahm is a symbol of contemporary elegance. Perfect for both ethnic and modern ensembles, what makes this piece a must-have is the fact that it brilliantly captures a bystander’s gaze with its beauty. 

Pendant crafted to perfection, this pendant from Preen brings together the brilliance of diamonds with the beauty of coloured stones. The reason we’ve included this piece on our list, is because its design showcases a peacock’s glorious fan, while its gems capture a brilliance that transcends time itself. Making this Gold & Diamond pendant set perfect for the bold woman of style.

 Designed to mirror the beauty of nature, this necklace brings together the beauty of diamond and the elegance of yellow gold. With a gorgeous tree-shaped pendant at its heart, this necklace is a timeless must-have.

There you have it. While every piece we craft for you, our beloved customers, is truly beautiful, these are masterpieces that are worth indulging in. Be it big or small, bold or subtle, each of these pieces are sure to complete your jewellery collection with ease and exemplary beauty.

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