Evolve Your Styling With Traditional Indian Jewellery

India always had a massive inventory of valuable metals and pearls, which prospered due to the trade and exports with other nations. About 4,000 to 5,000 years ago, the world’s first diamond mining began in India’s Golconda. Later, in the 16th century, the Mughals introduced the flourishing Indian artists to the knowledge and skill of jewellery making using these gems. Wearing jewellery has been integral passion for all since Indus Valley Civilization in 1500 BC when jewellery was made of beads, shells, and metals. The references in the classic texts, literature, fables, and epics also inspire people to accentuate their beauty with the Indian tradition of accessorising and dressing. This legacy of traditional jewellery highlights the aura and spirit of Indian culture from north to south and east to west.

Although fashion changes over time, no collection is complete without exquisitely crafted diamond, pearl, or gemstone pieces. The excellent Polki and pearl drop necklace is an all-time favorite to complete your look in a celebratory atmosphere. Check out some fabulous designs like an intricate choker embellished with exquisite rare Kundan, precious Meenakari Kada, and much more from Tanishq for a look that evokes a sense of royalty.

Latest Traditional yet Trendy Jewellery for You

Following are the various categories of rich traditional jewellery in diamond, gold, and rose gold to immerse yourself in the elite and intricate designs.

Beautiful Chokers, Dazzling Chains, and Traditional Necklaces

Wearing a choker can never be the wrong choice, as it blends greatly with casual and formal outfits. Since forever, our evergreen Indian-style choker necklaces have been a powerful choice for women, and why not? Beautifully crafted from vibrant gems and glittering diamonds, they go with just about anything. The stunning choker-style diamond necklace crafted in 18K yellow and white gold from our collection is ideal for any occasion because of its bold design. Pair it with their gorgeous studs that are equally stylish. The Samaira emerald necklace is simple, sleek, graceful trendy because of its linear pattern with a floral touch.

The pendant necklaces rank higher due to their design and style flexibility. A stunning pendant always makes any gold chain’s focal point and is best for business attire, casual attire, or even a traditional outfit. On the other hand, the pendant’s design and colour determine when it is appropriate to wear it. However, layering it with other chains of varying lengths, a simple long gold chain or neckpiece looks excellent and more stylish. It would be best if you had this trendy jewellery in your collection.

Perfect Versatile Earrings

Earrings and studs add a touch of sparkle and chic to your outfits. They may be stylish, trendy, or magical, and there is much to learn about these versatile, fascinating, and ever-evolving ear accessories. Today’s most sought-after earrings are fashioned in gold, rose gold, and diamond and make your ears sparkle and twinkle in a unique way when you wear these delicately crafted diamond and gemstone earrings . Get the best designs with luxury brands like Mia from Tanishq to make your online earring shopping an unforgettable experience. Discover the range of incredible glistening diamond studded Jhumka and enticing gemstone Chandbalis and make your heart gaga.

The stud earrings are a popular choice due to their typically small, lightweight, and compact size. Through minimal chic elegance, their subtly ubiquitous presence shines. They make exquisite and fashionable accessories thanks to their distinctive designs and diamond and gemstone selection. The 18-karat rose gold diamond stud earrings showcase elegance with unique appeal.

Alluring Finger Rings

Do you have a favorite piece of jewellery you find enjoyable to shop for as the ring? With Tanishq, explore the stunning ring collection filled with artistic and aesthetic perfection and feel pampered. These designs have been curated into a fascinating collection of the most exquisitely crafted rings for you to fall in love with, ranging from rings that sign the world to quiet reminders of life’s greatest moments, from highly traditional to the abstract eccentricity of modern sophistication. When it comes to rings with stones, diamond rings are the most extremely popular, especially for marriages.

The vibrant rainbow of gemstones like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds is always a breathtaking experience. However, the enticing pearls are unparalleled in their class and elegance.

Gold-fashioned Kadas and Bangles

Adding a Kada and bangles to a traditional outfit gives you an elegant and impressive appearance, and it makes you stand out from the crowd and changes the way you dress by making you look beautiful and graceful. Explore with Tanishq, a versatile collection of stunning bangles compiled for women of all types with the finest designs and detailing. Flaunt these explicit accessories and accentuate the beauty of your hands.

Auspicious Design Mangalsutra

Mangalsutra’s legacy holds an exclusive place in Indian culture. The design of these traditional ornaments looks graceful, with a sense of luxury and a touch of modernism. Tanishq has perfectly designed its popular gold and diamond Mangalutras to enhance your style sense with its unrivalled value. These unique, beautifully designed Mangalsutra has a mix of culture and modernity and is the ideal companion for new-age brides and women. Women love to adorn themselves with these essential traditional and classic jewellery pieces flaunting the strength of their marital status with delight.

Gold Festive Jewellery

The gold collection has recently grown from traditional to trendy, with stunning contemporary designs that meet today’s demand while remaining distinctive. With Utsaah by Tanishq, explore a classic range of these timeless ornaments suiting all occasions. The stunning designs offer a beautiful blend of traditional and modern gold pieces in vibrant combinations and precious stones.


Undoubtedly, the ever-evolving art of jewellery has come a long way, with classic masterpieces that keep this craze and appeal of accessorising intact. These traditional jewellery pieces’ exquisite and intricate designs carry the awe and a legacy from the glorious past. With the Tanishq collection, choose a festive jewellery that suits your style and mood and find a gift for your loved ones on an auspicious occasion.

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