Dress To Impress: The Inside Scoop On This Summer Wedding Season’s Trending Bridal Jewellery Sets

When prepping for the summer wedding season; many facets come to light: the destination, the mood for the makeup, the fabrics that you’re going to play with for your outfits, the kind of themes the wedding is following, the style of outfits you’re leaning toward and so much more. Ultimately, all of these play a massive role in deciding the bridal jewellery sets; mainly because your bridal jewellery sets are the common factors between it all, the ingredient that ties all of it together, making sure you look absolutely stunning for all the occasions.  

It is no different this summer either. While the heat wave may be hampering all of our styling plans; fashion never takes a break. The summer wedding season in particular gives us a chance to play with softer hues, introduce more modern silhouettes, contemporaries our looks and even flaunt our no makeup makeup looks (if you know what we mean) – it’s almost like a canvas that lets our creativity run wild and free; sans interruptions. 

As we tackle each facet of the summer wedding season, we’re also giving you a masterclass on the right kind of bridal jewellery pieces to add to your look; to make sure you’re dressed to impress.  

Read on to start your summer wedding season style journey!  

​When You’re A Modern Bride Driven By Your Roots

Timeless Kundan Polki Necklace Set


With today’s ongoing bridal trends of embracing modernity with your outfit and bridal jewellery sets, the urge to blend contemporary flair with traditional handloom never really leaves your mind. And why should it? This fusion allows for creativity in bridal jewellery set choices, providing a canvas for a mix of cultural elements. So if you’re veering towards a chic stitched saree or a crop top and skirt kind of look, we’d ask you to go for statement bridal gold necklaces featuring a blend of pearls and gemstones, or delicate maang tikkas paired with minimalist diamond studs. This trend is all about versatility and elegance, making it perfect for brides who want to make a statement while embracing both, modernity and culture, with their bridal jewellery sets. This summer, it’s all about finding the perfect balance between traditional craftsmanship and sleek design. 

When You Like To Keep The Makeup Minimal

Sensational Starburst


Owing to the soaring temperatures, a light and breathable makeup palette is what most brides and bridesmaids are opting for, this summer wedding season. So, it’s safe to say that the no makeup makeup look is here to stay for the entirety of summer. To complement this understated beauty trend, the bridal jewellery set needs to be equally subtle yet impactful. 

When curating bridal jewellery sets think of delicate diamond necklaces, simple yet elegant bracelets, and small but sparkling studs. The idea is to highlight the makeup’s natural glow without overshadowing any features. Pearls are also an excellent choice for this look, offering a timeless elegance that enhances your beauty without overpowering it. A delicate pearl and diamond set can perfectly complement a minimalist look, ensuring you shine with a subtle sophistication. 

When You’re A Bride Who Loves Themes

The Golden Gateway Necklace Set


Lovely Gleam Diamond Necklace Set


The theme of the wedding plays a crucial role in determining the style of bridal jewellery. Whether it’s a royal palace wedding or a chic garden party, the jewellery should be in perfect unison with the overall aesthetic. For a traditional royal-themed wedding, opt for gold jewellery with intricate designs. You could even resort to bold gemstones to add a touch of regal opulence. If it’s an intimate wedding you’re going for, opt for lighter, more modern pieces. Think about how you can layer multiple pieces of minimalistic jeweller to add to your charming flair. The key is to align the jewellery with the wedding theme; as well as how you wish to blend it with the facets of your personality. 

When You’re A Destination Wedding Kinda Bride

Royal Jharokhas Necklace Set


Crescendo of rays


Dressing for the destination can make or break your look! For a beach wedding, go for lightweight and breezy pieces that capture the essence of the seaside. Make them pop with sea-and-sand inspired modern bridal jewellery sets featuring stones like aquamarines, blue sapphires, citrines, yellow sapphires and so on and so forth.  

In contrast, a mountain wedding calls for a bridal jewellery set that is in total sync with the serenity and magnificence of the heavenly scape. A statement necklace with deep green emeralds or a set of ruby-encrusted bangles can add a touch of elegance and sophistication, making the bride shine against the backdrop of nature’s grandeur. 

When You Adore Honoring Your Traditions

Striking Carved Beads Traditional Necklace Set


While modern trends are making waves, traditional outfits continue to hold a special place in Indian weddings. These outfits are often adorned with heavy embroidery, intricate designs, and rich fabrics, necessitating equally grand bridal jewellery sets. Bridal sets featuring gold, Kundan, and Polki remain perennial favorites for their timeless appeal and cultural significance. For brides wearing a classic red lehenga, traditional gold bridal jewellery with intricate carvings and elaborate designs is a must. Pieces like a broad choker, a layered Rani Haar, and oversized jhumkas can enhance the regal look of the bridal ensemble. Additionally, traditional elements like the nath (nose ring) and pasa (side headpiece) can add an extra layer of elegance and cultural heritage to the bridal attire. 

In conclusion, this summer’s bridal jewellery picks are all about doing what makes you feel your best, as a bride. Whether you’re a bride who favors modern elegance or one who cherishes traditional grandeur, there’s a perfect bridal jewellery set out there waiting to make your special day even more memorable. 

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