Best Gold Chain Designs that are Perfect Ugadi Gifts for Your Husband

Bid goodbye to chilly winter and embrace the coming of spring, the season of hope, happiness, and festivals. In southern parts of the country, like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Telangana, spring is the time to rejoice by welcoming the new year called Ugadi. Usually, Ugadi is celebrated to welcome the birth of Chaitra month based on the Hindu calendar.

The common belief is that buying gold on Ugadi is the best way to begin the year with wealth and good luck. If you want to make this festival season a memorable occasion for your spouse, go for a jewellery gift for husband, like a gold chain, to express your love. Let the gold chain you choose send him positive vibes and convey your love to Ugadi for a love-filled year ahead. Gold chains are one of the most famous pieces of jewellery worn by men of all ages, as they enhance their appearance while portraying their style. With Tanishq , you will be mesmerised by the stunning collections the brand has for gold chains for men. Be it rhodium-plated chains, diamond chains, long chains, or short chains, you can find them all at Tanishq showrooms or their website.

Top Gold Chain Styles to Impress your Husband on Ugadi Box Gold Chain for the Modern Man

Box chains are a durable and stylish addition to your better half’s jewellery collection. They are popularly known as briolette or square-link chains. Square-shaped links are forged together to give the chain a distinct box-shaped form with an equally flat dimension and shimmering look.These perfectly symmetrical chains are versatile and can be fixed quickly in the event of damage. Traditional styles of box chains flaunt a stout look, while the modern versions of box link chains come with a lightweight design. When looking for a gift for husband , you can choose between traditional ones with a thick profile or trendy ones with a slim silhouette.Style Tip : Box link chains look great when paired with a T-shirt or work shirt.

Cuban or Curb Link Chains for the Husband with an Artistic Sense

Cuban or Curb link chains are trendy jewellery for men with a sense of art, culture, and fashion. The chain features an attractive interlocked design consisting of round or oval rings bound together to form a stunning pattern in yellow gold. It is a strong chain that doesn’t get damaged with consistent use and daily wear and tear. This gold chain with twisted links stays here and can be found in lightweight, chunkier versions.

Rope Link Chains for the Classy Man

Rope-link chains are considered to be durable gold chain for men known for their unique structure created by tiny links. The small links of this gold chain form a twisted spiral shape, which makes them a perfect choice if your better half loves to create a layered chain style. As this chain is created using groups of two to three small links, it flaunts an exquisite rope-like design and lasts longer than the other chain types.Style Tip: Thicker rope chains can complete his style effortlessly, while thin rope chains look good when teamed up with a striped pendant. Rope chains look best when worn with a sleeveless t-shirt or beach shirt.

Cable Link Chain for the Sophisticated Man

This unique chain is a perfect gift for husband, as it sports a fascinating design featuring oval links of identical sizes strategically placed to meet each link at a 90-degree angle. This gold chain has a neat and uniform pattern, which makes it one of the more popular styles among jewellery for menThis chain flaunts one of the vintage-style designs and has flat links clubbed together in shiny yellow gold. A cable-link chain is a durable gift that retains its sheen and lustre even after several years. Cable-link chains have round and oval links to cater to varied tastes and preferences. Style Tip: Cable link chains look good when worn with a cotton t-shirt, buttoned-down dress shirt, or a V-neck hoodie.

Figaro Chain for the Rugged Man

Figaro chain is a popular style of link chain that is elegantly crafted with two to three tiny circular links connected by an elongated link with an oval shape to suit the rugged personality of your better half. Traditionally, figaro link chains were designed in Italy, and men loved to accentuate their style by wearing the chains with medallions or rings. Despite featuring a simple design, figaros are one of the most sought-after chain styles in the world. Sporting a flattened link style, the chain has durable craftsmanship. If a link gets damaged in the long run, it is easy to fix it by opting for link replacement. Style Tip: Figaro link chains are an excellent choice for pairing round-neck t-shirts and ethnic and office wear. You can also pair it up with a classy laser-cut pendant

Have a Delightful Ugadi with Men’s Chains from Tanishq
Ugadi is the time for celebration with your loved ones, making it the perfect gift season to pamper your husband with a stunning men’s chain. Shop for rope chains, Cuban link chains, Figaro chains, cable link chains, or mariner chains to make him feel happy this New Year. Take your husband to the nearest Tanishq showroom or visit their website while shopping for men’s gold chains.

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