A Glimpse into the Telugu Bridal Trousseau

The jewellery:

After the sarees, the jewellery makes up the most important set of items in the Telugu bridal trousseau. Entire ensembles, including gold haaram necklaces, bangles, jhumke, maangtika, vaddanam and vanki, are collected and matched with the sarees that will be used at the wedding rituals. The intricately crafted gold jewellery is embedded with diamonds, glass kundan and gemstones in pink, green and red. Goddess Laxmi and peacocks are common motifs carved into a number of these timeless pieces. Every trousseau will also have a thali pendant, which symbolises the sacred bond between the married couple; a mango mala, a symbol of fertility and prosperity; and an intricately woven kasu mala, which brings good luck.

Make up and accessories:

Skincare products, make-up, matching footwear and complementary bags, make up the Telugu bridal trousseau, along with other outfits, such as salwar kameez and lehengas. These pieces. The make-up and accessories are a significant part of the trousseau, as they apply the finishing touches to a Telugu bride’s look during the wedding ceremonies.


Home essentials are an interesting part of the Telugu bridal trousseau. The Telugu bride is gifted a variety of items, including bed linen, kitchenware, curtains and more, which are included in her trousseau. As she leaves her old home and steps into her new one, her family’s gifts make

Personal items:

The Telugu bridal trousseau is incomplete without the addition of prized personal items. It’s what makes the trousseau truly unique. It’s her very own, something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. The Telugu bride packs in items of her old life that she wants to carry into her new one, which will keep her grounded and remind her of her roots. These include some very special honeymoon lingerie, family heirlooms, precious old photos, and the likes.
These precious and valuable possessions of the Telugu bride-to-be, many though they are, are carefully packed and transported along with the bride to the many wedding venues and find a resting place in her new home along with her new husband.

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