A Complete Guide to Gold Traditional Jewellery and Designs

Gold jewellery makes a timeless choice for jewellers and people who love accessorising. Both women and men prefer gold over any other form of metal for their accessories. These ornaments get passed on as heirlooms from generation to generation and never feel worn out or old. That is why gold makes a valuable and enduring traditional jewellery choice. Gold ornaments hold great stories and emotions and will always be unique to their owner.

As per Indian culture, gold jewellery is the most accepted form of accessory. Gold, one of the least reactive metals, does not react with oxygen, water, or any other acids. Moreover, people with sensitive skin can also wear gold ornaments because they do not cause allergies. These gold accessories are easy to carry, maintain, and offer a resale value. So, the next time you feel like buying something unique and timeless for yourself or your loved ones, gold ornaments are the way to go.

With Tanishq, explore a unique collection of gold jewellery designs and feel delighted with its shine and delicacy.

Gold Jewellery Makes a Timeless Choice

Why are gold ornaments considered so valuable? Is it worth the hype? Absolutely Yes! Gold ornaments are available in all styles and forms and can be adorned by people of all ages. Gold jewellery is available as necklaces, rings, chains, pendants, bangles, earrings, and bracelets. These accessories are available for men and women both and look highly graceful and elegant. They are timeless and can be passed on through generations. Many jewellers even offer to make customised jewellery as per your needs and designs.

Tanishq, as a trusted brand, brings you jewellery available in different styles and varieties and guarantees purity and uniqueness as its speciality. Explore the stunning gold designs with assured purity at par with international standards.

Gold Makes a Classic Blend of Luxury and Wealth

Buying gold accessories and ornaments in India is considered auspicious, especially on festivals or special days. As a custom, the gold jewellery is gifted by elders and cherished as a token of love and blessings by the younger lot for years to come. People in India do not just buy gold for investment or resale value; instead, they believe it to be a part of their inheritance. So, the next time you purchase gold, remember that this gold is going to be a part of your family for generations and generations.

Gold Ornaments: Jewellery that Suits Every Occasion

Gold jewellery is available in different styles and forms to suit the needs of every individual. These ornaments are available in delicate or heavy designs that suit every event or occasion. The jewellery ranges from a wide variety of gold ornaments, including earrings, pendants, finger rings, mangalsutra, necklaces, chains, engagement rings, bangles, bracelets, nose pins, and pendant sets. From daily use to office wear, to formal parties, or even your wedding, these ornaments are readily available and always serve as a perfect and safe option to explore.

With Tanishq, explore a wide variety of designs and embellishments to fulfill the desire of looking your best with a statement piece. The collection has something special for everyone, whether men, women, or kids. While the ‘Nyusha collection‘ offers modern and dainty jewellery pieces that fit modern working women, the ‘Alekhya collection‘ provides a range of traditional jewellery for occasions such as weddings and festivals. And the ‘Dor collection‘ is an exclusive range of mangalsutra that are elegant and beautiful. The designs of these collections are old school but with a touch of modernity and offer unique pieces to make you feel regal and stylish.

Gold Accessory, an Ideal Choice for Men and Kids

Gold ornaments suit men the same way it does women, and it helps complete a look for any occasion. Everyone generally wears traditional gold ornaments during weddings and other festivals. Minimalistic gold ornaments such as kada, rings, or bracelets are also suitable for office wear. Tanishq jewellery range offers different styles of jewellery for men and kids. Men’s jewellery includes finger rings, engagement rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and chains, while for kids, the collection consists of rings, chains, anklets, and a lot more. These pieces are designed keeping kids’ choices in mind and offer a range of simple yet unique pieces for kids. They are also lightweight and ensure that it is comfortable for kids to wear them.

For Gold Shopping, Trust and Safety is a Priority

A few things need to be kept in mind while purchasing gold ornaments. Gold’s purity is critical, and you must ensure that the promised righteousness is delivered. The BIS hallmark needs to be checked to ensure that the ornaments meet the minimum required benchmarks. It would be best if you also verified the gold price and making charges offered by the jeweller. It is also an excellent practice to predict an expected resale value for the jewellery in the future.

Tanishq, as a brand, delivers you authentic design and high-quality gold. People love the designs and trust the brand’s purity and complete transparency in billings. The brand also offers minimum making charges starting at just 8%. It provides the best exchange value for old gold and 100% exchange value for diamonds, rubies, polki, and emeralds. Also, it offers safe jewellery purchase schemes that ensure the customer does not suffer losses due to increases in gold prices.


You are never fully dressed without jewellery. It boosts your confidence and ties your entire look together. Jewellery is the icing on the cake, making you look perfect for every occasion. Gold is the most preferred and loved jewellery material for ornaments and will always be. It would be best if you went for gold jewellery whenever you want to buy something personal yet permanent, pure yet modern. Whenever you think of gold, Tanishq jewellery makes the best choice to explore. So check out the wide range of designs and styles and feel pampered.

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