5 Must-Have Jewellery Pieces for the Modern Gujarati Bride

There’s nothing more that the Gujarati community likes to do than celebrate and a wedding is just another reason for the community to rejoice.

Weddings among Gujaratis are momentous affairs with traditions, food, fun, and family. That’s why it’s extremely important for the Gujarati bride to look her best when her loved ones gather to celebrate her.

Apart from her outfits and make-up, bridal jewellery for the Gujarati bride is extremely important. It’s what she is carrying with her from her old life into her new life and not only will these enhance her beauty, they are also symbols of prosperity and happiness.

However, today’s modern Gujarati brides have a slightly different mindset. Although they respect their traditions and culture, they also want bridal jewellery pieces that they can continue to wear after their big day.

This article will explore the 5 must-have jewellery pieces for the modern Gujarati bride.

Bangles (Patla and Kadha): A Symbol of Tradition

Some of the most important bangles that are a part of bridal jewellery for the Gujarati bride are the chuda set. These ivory or red and white bangles are traditionally worn by North Indian brides to signify their new marital status and are believed to bring good luck to the new couple. These are typically worn for several weeks after the wedding.

Today, Gujarati brides do still wear the chuda but they prefer to mix them up with other bangles like patla and kada. Patla bangles are thin, delicate bangles usually made of gold or silver. Kada, on the other hand, are thicker and more prominent, often embellished with intricate designs. These bangles signify tradition and prosperity and complement the overall bridal look perfectly.

The modern Gujarati bride prefers to include these in her trousseau because, unlike the chuda, she can continue wearing these for years after her wedding ceremony.

Timaniya: a Glorious Waist Adornment

A slender waist is all the rage now and the modern Gujarati bride is not left behind. Timaniya is a waist belt that’s often part of bridal jewellery for the Gujarati bride , and it not only holds up her saree or her lehenga but also draws attention to her slender waist.

These are typically crafted with gold and studded with precious gemstones or diamonds, the Timaniya adds a touch of grandeur to the bridal ensemble. It not only accentuates the bride’s attire but also symbolises wealth and prosperity in Gujarati culture.

Nath: a Symbol of Beauty

The nath, or nose ring holds cultural and aesthetic importance in a Gujarati wedding. It is traditionally worn by the bride as a symbol of beauty and prosperity. The Nath comes in various designs, ranging from small and subtle to large and elaborate. Often adorned with pearls, diamonds, or precious stones, the Nath adds an aura of charm to the bride’s face, making it a must-have piece of jewellery.

This is an important part of bridal jewellery for the Gujarati bride even if she is modern. This is because the nath completes the entire bridal look and makes her look like a princess for the day.

Jhumkas: a Bit of Tradition With Modernity

Another style that no modern bride should leave out of her bridal jewellery for the Gujarati bride is a pair of jhumka earrings . Not only are these timeless pieces, but they are also a beautiful fusion of tradition and contemporary fashion.

It’s lucky for today’s bride that jhumkas come in a variety of designs, from delicate and sophisticated to bold and ornate, allowing the bride to express her individuality. These earrings symbolise prosperity, happiness, and femininity, making them an essential part of the bridal ensemble. By wearing jhumka earrings , the modern Gujarati bride embraces her cultural roots while embracing the evolving fashion trends, creating a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity on her special day.

Mangalsutra: The Sacred Bond

Last but certainly not least, the mangalsutra is the most important part of bridal jewellery for the Gujarati bride . It not only culminates the entire wedding ceremony, but it also represents the sacred bond of marriage and is tied around the bride’s neck by her groom.

The typical mangalsutra is made of gold and black beads but today, modern brides opt for more contemporary designs that incorporate diamonds and intricate patterns, combining tradition with a stylish flair.

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