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During these unprecedented times, hope and optimism make you look ahead to a brighter future. For finding your own path in the face of uncertainty is a testament of how your soul shines. It is for the women, who embraces the present with grace and strength, and creates a new beginning for herself, we bring our newest collection.

Aarambh’s exquisite range of designs are crafted using new-age artistry, and embodies your hope, grace, and resilience.

Rings That Capture Hope and New Possibilities

Be it getting started with a new-found passion, or embracing a new beginning with hope, you’re sure to go a long way. With its beautiful mix of intricate patterns and contemporary crafting, this ring will make the perfect ethno-contemporary addition to your jewel box. What’s more? Aarambh has an entire range of such wonderous rings, waiting for you.

Bangles That Reflect the Beauty of Optimism

With its delicate leaf-like patterns in gold, this charming bangle is one of the many crafted designs to reflect the beauty of your positivity. It is lightweight, crafted using impeccable artistry, and a perfect addition to your ensemble at the start of something new.

Earrings That Mirror Inner Strength

These earrings with an ethno-contemporary delight mirrors the strength of your spirit as a new beginning unfolds. The unique design with swirls and magenta stones add a modern touch to the journey you embark on.

Necklaces That Embody One’s Beliefs

Your beliefs at the start of every new adventure paves the way for a brighter tomorrow. As you set your sights on the possibilities ahead, bring home necklaces that perfectly complement what you stand for, with their bold design and elegant motifs.


With Aarambh, we bring you creations in gold and diamond that are contemporary, one-of-a-kind, and perfectly accompany your every new beginning. Explore the exquisite range at your nearest Tanishq store or visit and adorn a piece that celebrates the ever-evolving soul you are.

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