A Diwali DIY A Day: Diya Holders

There is a legend that revolves around the story of King Hima’s sixteen year old son who was destined to die of snake bite on the fourth day of his marriage. On that particular day, his wife kept him awake, laid out all her ornaments and gold and silver coins at the entrance of her bedroom. She lit the room with lamps, sang the whole night and narrated stories to keep her husband awake. When Lord Yama (the God of Death) arrived in the guise of a snake, he was awestruck by the dazzle of the coins and lights. He sat atop the heap of coins and listened to the songs and left peacefully the next morning. Thus, the young wife was successful in saving the life of her husband. Since that day, on the day of Dhanteras, the lamps are kept burning the whole night to keep away evil spirits from our homes.

Even today, people express their happiness by lighting earthen “diyas” (tiny earthen, oil-filled lamps with wicks), decorating their homes and bursting firecrackers. The lighting of lamps is a symbol of gratitude to God for our health, wealth, knowledge and fame. By penetrating the darkness, the light from the diyas (also a symbol of hope and positivity) tells a tale of the victory of good over evil. By spreading light in every corner of our homes, we hope to destroy the reign of darkness on Diwali nights.

Today lets explore a simple DIY diya holder to help you adorn your home with diyas and candles. You will need:

  • Rough colourful wire
  • A pair of pliers

These cute diya or tea candle holders are perfect to use outdoors as well as indoors and are very easy to make using rough wire and a pair of pliers. Just make sure to twist the wire into a straight and flat base at the bottom to keep dia stable. If you prefer to hang your diyas in your garden or around your home, just bend the top of the wire in a shape resembling a hook so you can hang it from branches or windows.

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