Last Chance: ‘Mia My Expression 2′ Entries

Sometimes magic happens when you can perfectly articulate your vision. Some sent in a hunch, a flash of inspiration, a visual, a doodle, an object, an idea; yet each of them brought a story.

An abacus with carefully placed beads that add up to perfection in a geometric earring. Maggi noodles that intertwine to cook up a succulent pendant. Hardworking ‘pendentives’ used to hold domes work doubly hard to lend beauty to a necklace. Slender and time-worn arch skeletons become a love-worn arched pendant lined with diamonds.

These are just some of the 9,950 entries of Mia My Expression’s second crowdsourced jewellery design competition – which tasked thousands of inventive patrons with turning the littlest of inspirations into stylish jewellery designs for the workplace.

In the second edition of this contest, simply upload your designs or inspirations in any form. Go ahead and define your work wear style, and have loads of fun along the way. The top 10 entrants will see their designs come to life and also win  Rs. 1,00,000! Hurry though, the contest ends in 3 days. Go on, register here to immortalize your inventions in Mia. Watch as your designs become permanent jewellery pieces in the Mia workwear collection and as your beautiful creation becomes available in stores across India.

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