Traditional South Indian Jewellery for this Diwali

The festival of lights is one to cherish. The joy that comes with the celebration is unparalleled, and with our loved ones around, it’s sure to linger for a long time. As you prepare to welcome the auspicious occasion of Diwali, bring home jewellery that reflects the beauty of South Indian tradition. 

Here are a few collections that are crafted using classic techniques and can be a sparkling addition to your Diwali.

 Magnificent Necklace with Nakkashi Detailing

The Nakkashi technique represents a timeless South-Indian tradition and it comes together with Chandak work, forming this traditional necklace. Adorned with splendid leaf-like patterns, this piece is set in 22KT gold and is a perfect addition to your festive ensemble.

A part of our latest collection, Ekatvam, this necklace is a testament to the impeccable craftsmanship of our Karigars. 

An Exquisite Bangle Adorned with Lakshmi Coins

Diwali is incomplete without offering prayers to Goddess Lakshmi. This time, let this stunning gold design, that exudes auspiciousness, be a part of your celebration as well. This ornate bangle made of 22KT gold is accentuated by gold coins engraved with Goddess Lakshmi and brilliantly crafted motifs, capturing the richness of South Indian culture with its magnificence.

Neckwear Set that Portrays the Splendour of Traditions

Intricately crafted and emanating an eternal delight, these designs are inspired by the unique culture of South India. Mango-like patterns in yellow-gold are strung together to form this necklace and is sure to add a touch of sparkle to your celebration. For, what better way to celebrate this beloved occasion, than with jewellery that is true to our tradition?

Gold Jhumkas with Intricate Craftsmanship

These splendid Jhumkas comprise of beautiful Chandak work and Nakkashi detailing, which make these designs truly traditional. Along with the warmth of lighting up Diyas with your loved ones, let these majestic earrings brighten up your Diwali. For its sure to make your celebration a memorable one!

Amidst the lights and laughter, jewellery is an integral part of Diwali celebration. Traditional jewellery that’s crafted with timeless artistry is sure to complement this occasion with many fascinating traditions. Hence, celebrate this Diwali with one of our exquisitely crafted designs.

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Celebrating Craftsmen and Craftsmanship in Every Way!

In every piece of jewellery at Tanishq, what shines the brightest is the craftsmanship of our Karigars. Over the years, our Karigars have shown unparalleled expertise in meticulously creating shimmers, because of which we bring you jewellery that transcends time. Their vision, passion, and eye for detail deserve to be celebrated, and we never miss an opportunity to do so.  

Blessings that are Etched in Gold!

We strive to take utmost care of our Karigars’ wellbeing, from making sure that they’ve proper housing and education, to maintaining a healthy work environment including upskilling training. When the unexpected surge of the pandemic made lives difficult for many, we provided all the essentials to our Karigars and ensured their safety during this unprecedented time. 

We believe, all this care and compassion have earned us the blessings of our Karigars and their families. Along with our jewellery, these blessings are a part of your celebrations as well. 

Jewels that Emanate the Beauty of Traditions

From bringing to life the splendour of traditions to honouring the classical art forms, we continue to create jewellery that celebrates the rich heritage of our country. Our Karigars have come together to craft many such collections which range from Padmaavat, which was crafted for the period drama, to Ekatvam, our latest festive jewellery.

The Ekatvam collection was created by over 1000 Karigars, and it comprises of 15 different craft forms from different parts of our country. A range of traditional jewellery that celebrates the beauty of oneness, Ekatvam was made using techniques like Nakkashi, an art form from Tamil Nadu, Gujarat’s Rawa & Chandak work, Bengal’s Filigree, etc. Traditional necklaces, exquisitely crafted bangles, earrings, and many such mesmerising pieces make this collection one to treasure.

Another timeless collection that’s purely precious is Nyusha, which was crafted using classic techniques like electroforming, casting, and tubing. This collection comprises of designs for the modern woman and for the many precious occasions in her life.

Overall, all these designs are an artistic wonder and an ode to our unrivalled craftsmanship.

Innovating with Our Designs

While many of our jewellery is inspired by traditions and art forms, we’ve also created innovative jewellery using novel techniques. One such jewellery collection which was crafted using laser-cut and tubing technique went on to win the most prestigious award for product design, the Red Dot. These creations are extremely lightweight, and perfectly suit the modern Indian woman as daily wear.


All our creations are our Karigars’ labour of love, for they are an integral part of the Tanishq family. We truly believe our prosperity rests in their wellbeing. Explore the stunning designs that they’ve created at your nearest Tanishq store or visit  Keywords: traditional jewellery, traditional necklaces, innovative jewellery

Lightweight Delights to Surprise Your Loved Ones!

The festive season is almost here. While it is a time to indulge in joyous celebrations with the ones you love, it is also the perfect occasion to surprise your dear ones with something special.

Gift them a jewel piece that’s beautiful and sure to cherish for a lifetime. At Tanishq, we bring you jewellery that reflect the beauty of traditions and capture the spirit of your celebrations. Here are some breathtaking creations that can be a memorable gift for your beloved!

Stunning bangles for your better half 

You’ve been together through it all and this festive season, let your wife know how special she is by gifting her this splendid bracelet. Timeless diamonds come together to form an enchanting motif, emanating an unbridled charm that’s true to the festive season. With its unique design, this piece is sure to enthral her and the sparkle in her eyes will be worth it!

Splendid earrings for your sister

The bond you share with your sister is like no other! So, this season, surprise her with these intricately crafted drop earrings and make the occasion a memorable one for her. Made with kundan and impeccable artistry, these earrings make the perfect gift!


Magnificent pendant for your mother

She loves you unconditionally, expecting nothing in return. Celebrate the selfless love of Maa’s with this exquisite pendant. Accentuated by a floral motif, this creation in yellow gold exudes an eternal sparkle, making it the right gift for your mother, this festive season. Bring this pendant home, and mark the priceless moment as your mom gets surprised and cherish it forever!

Mesmerising shimmers for your daughter

She’s been the reason for your happiness, now it’s time to gift her the joy with these artistic delights. Two traditional art forms, Chandak and Nakkashi come together to create these beautiful jewels, which bring to life the splendour of traditions as well. Amidst all your celebrations, take time to gift this precious jewellery to your precious little one, for its sure to be etched in your memories forever.


The festive season brings with it the opportunity to create memories for a lifetime. Create yours by celebrating your loved ones with a priceless gift. Drop by your nearest Tanishq store or visit and explore our brilliant collections now and make this season of celebrations as one to be remembered.

Weddings and anniversaries are some of life’s most precious moments that usually a diamond commemorates. But, be it celebrating your friend’s birthday over a video call or taking a day off to make memories at home, diamonds can also be a brilliant addition to your everyday life as well.

These stunning diamond creations are sure to add the perfect touch of sparkle for your everyday ensemble.

A Contemporary Delight in Yellow-Gold

This is a classic combination of gold and diamond that is crafted in a contemporary design, making it the perfect addition to your look for a casual day with the family or a conference call with colleagues. Studded with diamonds upon 18KT gold, this ring is the perfect way to accessorise your look without taking away any attention from your complete ensemble.

Mesmerising Diamond Hoops

While the world is currently in a phase of staying home, that shouldn’t stop you from looking your best and shinning like a star! So, go ahead and indulge in designs like these hoop earrings, for they are sure to make a delightful collection to whatever joy the day brings.

A Splendid Shimmer in Platinum

Who said anything about doing date night in your pyjamas? With elegant pendant like this, your at-home date night is sure to be sensational and full of timeless memories. With its serene hue and new age design, this pendant is sure to elevate the joy that comes with spending time with your beloved.

Pendants That Are Perfect

As you take time and connect with your friends over a video call, add a little bit of shine that goes beyond your smile with this artistic pendant. For two delicate diamond flowers are carefully placed in gold to create a simple yet timeless piece that is sure have everyone’s eyes glued to their screens when you’re on call.  


All of life’s moments deserve to be celebrated, especially the little ones that are fleeting and unique. So, what better way to do this than with enchanting creations that shine as bright as your happiness and are as beautiful as beauty can be.

Adorn New Beginnings with Aarambh


During these unprecedented times, hope and optimism make you look ahead to a brighter future. For finding your own path in the face of uncertainty is a testament of how your soul shines. It is for the women, who embraces the present with grace and strength, and creates a new beginning for herself, we bring our newest collection.

Aarambh’s exquisite range of designs are crafted using new-age artistry, and embodies your hope, grace, and resilience.

Rings That Capture Hope and New Possibilities

Be it getting started with a new-found passion, or embracing a new beginning with hope, you’re sure to go a long way. With its beautiful mix of intricate patterns and contemporary crafting, this ring will make the perfect ethno-contemporary addition to your jewel box. What’s more? Aarambh has an entire range of such wonderous rings, waiting for you.

Bangles That Reflect the Beauty of Optimism

With its delicate leaf-like patterns in gold, this charming bangle is one of the many crafted designs to reflect the beauty of your positivity. It is lightweight, crafted using impeccable artistry, and a perfect addition to your ensemble at the start of something new.

Earrings That Mirror Inner Strength

These earrings with an ethno-contemporary delight mirrors the strength of your spirit as a new beginning unfolds. The unique design with swirls and magenta stones add a modern touch to the journey you embark on.

Necklaces That Embody One’s Beliefs

Your beliefs at the start of every new adventure paves the way for a brighter tomorrow. As you set your sights on the possibilities ahead, bring home necklaces that perfectly complement what you stand for, with their bold design and elegant motifs.


With Aarambh, we bring you creations in gold and diamond that are contemporary, one-of-a-kind, and perfectly accompany your every new beginning. Explore the exquisite range at your nearest Tanishq store or visit and adorn a piece that celebrates the ever-evolving soul you are.

Exquisite Designs For Your Purely Precious Moments

We’ve all been staying home for the past few weeks. As we’ve gotten used to a daily routine, it’s also important to look ahead and plan for the future. What better way to do that than bringing home some glitter of gold? Be it your anniversary that’s coming up, or your loved one’s birthday, make sure to look stunning with our latest collection, Nyusha.

With Nyusha, we bring you our contemporary designs that are purely precious.  

Charming earrings for your milestone anniversary

Anniversaries are a testament to the purity of your relationship! This time prep for your anniversary celebrations by bringing home these splendid earrings! These are sure to add a touch of romance to your big day and make your day a memorable one! 

Captivating golden delights for your daughter’s birthday

Watching your daughter grow up is sure to bring you joy. Make her upcoming birthday an unforgettable one by gifting her these gold carved delights that are as pure as your love for her!

Brilliant pendant for your sister’s graduation

If your sister’s graduation is around the corner, this beautiful pendant is sure to make the perfect gift. Inspired by the constant presence of strength and hope in our lives, this piece is a wonderous reflection of her academic achievement.


Nyusha isn’t just about wearing great jewellery, but it’s about investing in the future by bringing home the most honest form of prosperity for occasions that are precious! Visit, or shop at your nearest Tanishq store to own a purely precious jewel from our newest collection, Nyusha.

Easy ways to keep your jewels sparkling

While we’ve made the effort to wash our hands often and stay safe, it’s just as important to keep your jewels clean too. After all, bacteria can be attached to any surface and the shimmer that you hold dearly deserves to be kept clean. 

So, with little effort, you can make sure that your jewels are in the best possible condition.  Here are a few easy steps you can follow to keep your jewels sparkling!   

Remove your jewels before washing your hands

As we clean our hands regularly, removing the jewellery on your fingers and wrists is of utmost importance. Germs may be present on the skin underneath our rings or bracelets, and washing your hands wearing jewels means that the germs will continue to exist on your skin.  

Also, overexposure to sanitizers can dampen the shine of the jewellery. And so, make sure that you keep your jewels aside while washing hands, helping your jewel retain its beauty. 

Use sanitizers only for hard gemstones

Jewels that are crafted using solid gold and have harder gemstones like diamonds can be disinfected using a hand sanitizer.  

Take a soft cloth or a toothbrush and a little hand sanitizer, clean the jewel gently for few minutes throughout its surface.  

However, it’s advisable that you don’t constantly expose your jewel to sanitizer. 

Use warm water and dish soap preferably  

Simply take warm water mixed with dish solution, place your jewel in it for a few minutes. Then, clean the surfaces gently using a soft cloth or a toothbrush. You can repeat this once a week for your jewels’ betterment.  

Also, for softer stones like pearl, avoid exposing it to water and wipe it immediately if it comes in contact with water. Try not to wear any jewel with soft stones right now, as cleaning them with these methods isn’t advised.  

While we all do our best to stay hygienic and keep germs and bacteria at bay, these simple tips are sure to serve as hacks for keeping our precious jewels clean as well. So, take the time to give these cleaning methods a shot at least once a week, and let your jewels sparkle with the bright hue of safety. 

Rose-gold Shimmer For Your Everyday Ensemble

The thing about jewellery, is that it can make any occasion a special one. Be it meeting your dearest friends, a crucial client presentation, a mid-week break at your favourite coffee shop, or a dinner with your colleagues, the perfect jewel can gracefully elevate your look and make you feel great!

Here are some of our rose-gold delights for you to make style statements and accentuate your elegance with every outfit. 

Keep it simple with Rings

Keeping it simple comes easily with delightful rose-gold rings like this one. Suited especially for casual occasions, this ring’s contemporary motif and brilliant hue is sure to be the perfect addition to your everyday glow.

Delicate Neckwear For A Stunning Look

With its delicate design and new-age pendant, this jewel is a great addition to your work wardrobe and is sure to hold people’s gazes, leaving you feeling confident and looking stunning!

Carry the shine with this Pendant

Whether it is adding some shine to an afternoon brunch or adorning a spec of elegance to that family gathering, this rose-gold pendant with its splendid shimmer is a must-have.

Earrings that add sparkle to your outfit

Perfect for a date night or a movie your friends, these earrings with their unconventional design and shades of rose gold and white are sure to make a sparkling addition to your collection.


We understand that every occasion brings with it a new possibility to shine and look your best. That is precisely why we bring you creations that are timeless, stylish and unique. Be it these rose-gold creations or any other design from Tanishq, know that we share your passion for jewellery and will constantly try to surprise you with every piece we make.

Here’s to making every day sparkle with delicate yet striking designs like these!

Everlasting designs for every love story!

It’s the month of February, and we all know what that means! Love is in the air and we at Tanishq are all for it! Whether your relationship has just begun, or you’ve grown old together, we believe that expressing love is for everyone! 

Here are 5 products for the 5 stages of every love story!  

Fall in love, hopelessly: 

You’ve just found the love of your life, and everything about that person is magical. Add a touch of elegance to your love, with a stunning Tanishq diamond ring, a perfect gift that marks the beginning of your love story with its contemporary design. 

Celebrate that Newly Wedded Bliss  

Together, you’ve decided to be there for each other, forever. You’re excited for what lies ahead, for it’s what you’ve dreamt of since the moment you fell in love. Mark the start of this new chapter in your life with diamonds that are as unique as your love and show your wife how much she means to you.  

Rejoice the evolution of your love.

Be it buying a new home, moving to a new city, travelling more or starting a family, your 30s call for the start of a new phase in your love for each other. There is no better feeling than witnessing the evolution of your love, and we would be delighted to partake in this joy!  

Let your love sparkle with our diamond jewellery that is crafted to precision, making each jewel the perfect reflection of your love.    

Make moments with your love.

When life is brimming with new responsibilities, make sure to find time for love. Keep the spark alive by gifting each other surprise delights like this diamond set!  

This charming piece of artistry is all that you’ll need to keep your love going in your 40s.   

Let your love shine brighter:

You’ve spent nearly 3 decades together, and your relationship is now based on explicit understanding of each other, keeping the love you share at the core of everything you do. Mark this timeless love with some of our finest diamond necklace, for each sparkle is emblematic of how much your loved one means to you.  

Every love story is a unique and enthralling one. You fall in love, you find happiness, you settle down, you evolve. But, with time, it’s possible to forget small little joys that are in-fact what make your love story truly wonderful. This February, we encourage you to find your way back to those little joys. To celebrate your relationship, no matter what stage it is in, show your loved one how much they mean to you with an everlasting sparkle that they will truly treasure.

Profess your love with the shine of Diamond Jewellery

Love is in the air and it’s time to speak your heart out to that special someone. Be it a first-time proposal or a celebration of the love you share, why not say it with the everlasting twinkle of diamonds? Browse through Tanishq’s diamond jewellery collection to pick the perfect piece of jewellery for the love of your life.

For your Lady Love

Ask her the ultimate question, with a sparkle!

As you propose, mesmerise her with: As you go down on one knee for the proposal, mesmerise her with a stunning diamond ring that she will cherish forever.

Profess your love, brilliantly!

 Profess your love with these ethereal pair of Tanishq diamond earrings that will reflect her charm on the Valentine’s Day special date!

Celebrate togetherness with an unmatched shine.

As you celebrate another Valentine’s Day together, win her heart once more with this endearing pendant.

For your Mr. Right

Ask the question yourself.

Why wait for him to ask the question? Do it with an awe-inspiring diamond ring for him.

Understated charisma, just for him!

 If your man likes to style his attire with some shine, give him this spectacular white gold pendant with a diamond at heart, that exudes nothing but brilliance.

A subtle shine he will cherish.

Let love bloom as you gift your loved one this white gold diamond bracelet so that he carries a subtle shine wherever he goes.

Conclusion: Don’t wait anymore. Make this Valentine’s Day special for your loved one with a shine from Tanishq!